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Tiny House in Vermont on 10 Acres

This is a tiny house in Vermont on 10 acres.

It’s for sale (asking $120,000).

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

$120k Tiny House in Vermont on 10 Acres


Photos via Zillow








Photos via Zillow


  • 10 acres
  • Kirby, Vermont
  • 246 sq. ft.
  • Additional shed
  • Mahogany windows
  • Galley kitchen
  • Sleeping loft

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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!

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  • Avatar Debz September 30, 2016, 10:39 am

    OK — I have a question.

    Do some folks actually like and desire sleeping lofts?

    Is it a feature some folks like, even if they don’t actually have to use that design feature in order to keep things compact?

    I mean, this place sits on 10 acres. They have enough room to spread out just a TINY bit more on one level. πŸ˜‰

    • Avatar William Jenkins September 30, 2016, 2:52 pm

      That is what I thought! That bed should be upstairs overlooking the property from a great vantage point.

  • Avatar Alison September 30, 2016, 12:02 pm

    It looks like one bed is on the ground level. I suspect many young people do enjoy sleeping lofts–and it is a good use of the space up in the gable.

    • Avatar Debz September 30, 2016, 4:18 pm

      Thanks for the reply, Alison. That logic about using the gable space would be imminently sensible, were it not for the fact that the real estate listing says that there is only one bedroom.

      Thus, the loft is apparently the only sleeping space.

      At least it appears not to be the type of loft we see in so many TH layouts — such that one must mount a ladder, crawl into the sleeping space, and then hope not to roll out of bed in your sleep and fall to the first level.

      Just sayin’. πŸ˜›

      • Avatar Alison September 30, 2016, 6:50 pm

        This house appears to be standard construction, not on a trailer, so it probably had to meet standard building codes. In my state, a slope-walled loft cannot legally be called a bedroom (needs more headroom). Maybe the sleeping loft is in addition to a tiny bedroom down below? Would be nice to see a floor plan. If I bought it, I’d like to add on, eventually.

        • Avatar Alex October 1, 2016, 11:11 am

          Yup! You can even build a slightly larger one near it and use this one as the guest house, office, or anything else you might want.

    • Avatar Alex October 1, 2016, 11:12 am

      Good point, Alison, thanks!

  • Avatar ROSEE September 30, 2016, 3:44 pm

    Looks like a cozy TH and hoping it has a bathroom as well.
    I guess some people like having a huge yard without trees! I prefer having lots of them around my house.
    Otherwise, a lovely TH!

    • Avatar Alex October 1, 2016, 11:15 am

      I’m with you on the trees πŸ™‚

  • Avatar Gigi September 30, 2016, 7:06 pm

    This house is just begging to have additional tiny houses nearby. And a stand of conifers facing north as a windbreak (or are they already there?). And some garden plots and occasional sugar maples.

    • Avatar Alex October 1, 2016, 11:10 am

      I think you’re right πŸ˜€

  • Avatar Lisa October 1, 2016, 7:09 am

    Looking for tiny house in Fl.Ft Myers area .thank you .

  • Avatar Maria October 1, 2016, 8:28 am

    Looking at the pictures The door off the kitchen is the bedroom. I don’t know where the bathroom is. Would like to see more pictures of this home.

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan October 1, 2016, 1:35 pm

    Adorable! Do you think we could get more pictures, though? Does it have a bathroom? Is the bedroom downstairs or upstairs? I love it! Just want to know more. Thanks!

  • Avatar ZACHARY E MOHRMANN October 1, 2016, 8:05 pm

    Interesting… ! It would have made a great hide out for Walter White..!

  • Avatar Trish Dee October 2, 2016, 10:23 am

    This is a darling little house, but I need a bathroom and washer/dryer to live comfortably.

  • Avatar Montana lady October 2, 2016, 1:42 pm

    I cannot remember ever seeing anything about garages, and in Montana is it almost mandatory. Anyone have an idea? I have only one at the moment: extend a supplementary twelve feet to the end of the house and make a pass through door at the back. That way I can heat it and use additional for storage and workshop. I need help here.

  • Avatar karen November 22, 2016, 2:07 am

    Gosh !!! wish I had money to purchase this and money to add on a little more……..I lived in Vermont many years ago, in my 20’s and now I am 62yrs old. I live in Florida due to health issues on social security disability. While my monthly income isn’t bad I couldn’t afford a mortgage and additional money to make this into a beautiful small cottage. I can dream ……..
    Does anyone know someone who has the money and would allow me to have input in the restructuring of this property ? You know with a garden, wonderful wild flowers, a large two cords of wood near the home (of course, it would be for the fireplace inside). I have a wonderful imagination of what this could look like. And all I would like is to pay rent that I could afford until I die. It would be amazing to live before I die ! Enjoy your life !!!!

    • Avatar marc September 18, 2017, 5:44 pm

      Dreaming is good.

  • Avatar Erick October 28, 2017, 1:47 am

    I love this property and was thinking of buying it for my retirement. But for sure would need some work. Ive looked thru the pictures many times. There is no bedroom, just a tiny loft. The bed you see is next to the kitchen, if you walk in the door your looking at it. To the corner of the bed you can see the edge of the ladder to the loft above. In another picture you can even see the ladder rungs. I know with some imagination this could be stunning if added onto. But not sure I could handle the cold remote winter there.

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