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Tiny House Furniture #9–Murphy Beds

So I ran into this simple looking murphy bed over at ivgstores.com.

Murphy beds are great for small spaces but I have yet to find one inside of a Tumbleweed style tiny house (on wheels).

Has anyone else seen one?

One reason could be that these beds are rather expensive and the fact that most people use a loft or a large futon.

This bed starts at about $950 and the price will raise depending on the size and options you choose.


That’s all for this week’s Tiny House Furniture Issue. See you tomorrow!


Photo credit: IVGStores

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  • Avatar Davidrc

    For those who work with power tools and still have the issued number of fingers, here’s a source of hardware for doing your own. Probably other sources for a little less after a more aggressive search. http://www.rockler.com/search_results.cfm?filter=murphy+bed+hardware&submit.x=21&submit.y=10

  • Avatar Liz

    Thank you, David. I have been looking into a Murphy bed as a viable sleeping option and wondered if it was possible to “build-it-yourself.” Voila! It can be. Thanks for the info.

  • The solution, as Davidrc points out is Rockler. They have plans and a package system ($200.) plus the wood for the cabinet and bedding. Still, you would probably be hard pressed to spend less than $1000. due to the high cost of bedding. Admittedly, it is really nice having a real bed AND space when you need it.

  • Avatar Jeannie

    you can buy a kit w/ all the hardware (but not the wood) for about $280…just google murphy bed hardware & you will get to the site…sorry I don’t have the url saved on this computer :0(
    I think a nicely crafted murphy bed w/ some additional storage on the side (like a small closet for hanging clothes) would really make alot of sense in a tiny/small house esp. for those of us who don’t or can’t deal w/ a sleeping loft in the middle of the night!

  • Thanks David for providing that link. (sorry for the late thank you, lol)

  • Good point John. $1000 is still a good chunk of change but at my local Murphy store these beds start out at at least around $3,000! Many are $5k+… Crazy!

  • Valuable info. Fortunate me I found your site by accident, and I am shocked why this accident didn’t happened in advance! I bookmarked it.

  • Avatar ImReady

    I’ve built three of these type of beds. I build them entirely from wood, and have always used just the top mattress. Both mattress and box springs would make the unit very thick. Even the stores usually use just one mattress. Anyway, I build mine for small change. I haven’t used any kind of hardware to make the bed easy to raise and lower. A normal,physically able person can handle them very easily. I’ve not checked out how much weight you have to lift, but, it is very minimal. I will try to post some pictures some day. If you build a bed that folds down sideways, with the long side running parallel with the wall, the weight will be greatly reduced. No need for hardware, unless you have a physical limitation.

  • Avatar ImReady

    They are basically a frame, in a frame, with hinges, and something to hold them up. I put shelves on all of mine, then, the shelves act as legs to hold the bed up. A very easy project for a slightly experienced woodworker.

  • Avatar ImReady

    I meant the shelves act as legs to hold the bed up off of the floor when it is in the down position.

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