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Tiny House Design & Construction Guide (On Sale!)

The Tiny House Design and Construction Guide shows you how to design and build your own tiny house on a trailer! From the tools and plans, to the trailer and construction process. It’s all there for you and you can have the book in Paperback! On Sale Now! Click here or below to order on Amazon!

What You’ll Learn with This Book!

  • Tips on Preparing to Live Tiny
  • Designs & Plans for Tiny Homes
  • Tools You’ll Need to Build Tiny
  • Construction Materials You’ll Need
  • Types of Trailers You’ll Want For Your Tiny Home
  • Step by Step Instructions on the Entire Construction Process From Start to Finish!
  • How to Do Your Own Plumbing
  • How to Do Your Own Electrical Work
  • …and more!

Order your copy here! It makes a great gift too!