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The Wee House Tiny Cabin

I just discovered Russ-StickAcres.com where the writer has a beautiful wee house surrounded by nature. I would certainly consider it a tiny house that is neat in many ways…

It’s round, has lots of windows, and is built using cordwood construction and bottles. There is an outhouse which she calls The Wee Wee House.

Her little cabin is used for reading, writing, day dreaming, and more… It has an awesome little custom refrigerator to keep beverages cool. You’ll see a photo of it from the outside of the house.

It’s very natural looking inside and out and is outfitted with bookshelves, a computer, printer, coffee maker, and more…

I love the large windows and screen doors. All of the materials used to build it were recycled which is awesome. Below are a few photos, for the rest please go give Woodswoman and Rustic Russ a visit to their blog.

wee house tiny cabin

inside the wee house custom refrigerator at the wee house wee wee house wee house tiny cabin

Photo credits: Woodwoman and Rustic Russ

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