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The Nova: In-Progress THOW Build For Sale, VT

Tiny House Crafters in Londonberry, Vermont is selling The Nova, an in-progress tiny house build.

If you like what they’ve done so far with the shell, you can get in on the action now and either finish the rest yourself, or tell Tiny House Crafters how you’d like it done. After getting a surplus of contracted work, the builders have put the Nova on the sideline but would love to find someone to finish it.

As is, the 8′ x 26′ shell is listed at $26,000. Additional details and contact information below the pictures. Enjoy!

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The Nova: In-Progress THOW Build For Sale, VT

Beautiful neutral siding color to blend into your surroundings.

Extra “bump out” in the back to utilize the trailer area.

Split-level means no climbing up ladders if you don’t want to.

Kitchen and living room fit easily into the rest of the space.

Electrical is already done so you don’t have to deal with wires.

Windows let in the lovely sunlight.

Kitty is strutting around the house. She thinks you need it!

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From the Builders:

The most innovative Tiny House Crafters’ design yet, the Nova features a split-level loft with full headroom and enough space for a traditional queen sized bed frame.

Worried about storage? The Nova has ample: under the loft, in the built-in bench seating, above the bathroom, in the kitchen pantry/bookshelf/ladder, in five IKEA kitchen cabinets, bathroom water closet, and outdoor shed storage.

The exterior siding is cedar, stained with a semi-transparent oil based stain on both sides. Exterior sheathing features state of the art ZIP system and rain screen battens to keep the siding dry and safe from mold.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation in the floors, walls, and ceiling combined with a TwinFresh ERV does good work in resolving potential condensation and mold issues prevalent in tiny houses. (Ask us for more information about this!)

The Nova is scheduled to be finished with 1/4″ plywood “drywall-esque” walls, a natural bead board ceiling and engineered hardwood floors. The IKEA kitchen finish is Haggeby White. The Nova is all electric and ready for 50 Amp hook-up.

Appliances include:

  • TwinFresh Energy Recovery Ventilation Unit
  • 12-Gallon Whirlpool Water Heater
  • Two 4′ Comfort Cove radiant Heater panels
  • Nature’s Head Composting toilet
  • GE electric induction cook top
  • Hampton Beach Convection oven
  • Avanti 3/4 7.5 cu. ft apartment fridge

Frequently Asked Questions about the Nova:

Why are you selling it for so cheap?
The Nova is a spec house and we intended to find a buyer after the build was completed. However, we were fortunate enough to find ourselves with a surplus of contracted work so the Nova was sidelined. We do not foresee ourselves having the time to finish the Nova this summer and would love to see it go to a new home!

Is the Nova ready to live in?
Yes and no. It’s certainly water tight and anyone who is okay with a bit rustic living situation could feasibly live here during the warmer months without additional work. Once you install the electrical and plumbing fixtures and install the heater, however, it should be cozy enough through the winter months!

Can I make changes to the Nova?
Sure! There are still many areas that you can customize and personalize if you aren’t 100% in love with the Nova’s current layout. We can provide you with a utility map so you don’t accidentally hit any electrical or plumbing lines during renovations.

Does the Nova have a propane system?
No, it does not. However, installing a propane system will be very easy. We recommend installing a propane system if the Nova will be your primary dwelling.

Interested in The Nova? Have Questions? 

Contact Tiny House Crafters Here:


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