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Earlier today I ran into this blog post which featured what I consider a minimalist radio & Bluetooth speaker.

Then I found that it’s on Kickstarter. Man, this Kickstarter thing is really making some amazing things possible, since this is the best sounding table top radio I’ve ever had (for this price, at least).

Minimalist Bluetooth Speaker for Tiny Houses

I’ve always wanted to do a weekly series on technology that goes hand in hand with small spaces. Well, today’s that day.

And this tiny wireless speaker system goes hand in hand with a small space or a mobile lifestyle.

So it’s a small speaker with a simple interface, plus it can deliver up to 80 decibels of sound which is impressive for its size.

It’s about the same size as an everyday household light bulb and was designed by John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria.

Tiny House Technology: Minimalist Speakers
Image Courtesy of John VDN and Vitor Santa Maria

Twist, Lift, Connect and Enjoy

When you twist the cap it turns the radio on for you. If you continue turning it, the volume turns up.

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