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Sometimes we make plans and life has other plans! That’s what happened to this family of four who built their dream tiny home and moved in a couple of months ago. Husband Brendan just found out his job is moving him cross-country away from extended family. They have baby #3 on the way and have decided to sell their luxury tiny house so they can purchase a spot with a guest room for family visitors.

Their nearly-brand-new tiny house is 36 feet long, and for sale in Feura Bush, New York. It features the coveted downstairs bedroom and a super fun kids’ loft complete with a netting hammock! The home has every luxury, including a dishwasher and a washer/dryer unit — and a bathtub for soaking and bathing littles.

We got to interview Rachel about their two months of tiny living and decision to move below. Check it out!

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Family of Four’s Luxury Tiny House for Sale in NY

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