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UPDATE: On the morning of 12/31/11 I got a “recap” version of the webinar up on YouTube for those of you who missed the event, were unable to get in, or were simply unable to make it. Click here to watch it now.

In case you’re not already aware I’m hosting a FREE Tiny House Living Webinar on 12/29 at 9pm EST.

Everyone is welcome but there’s only enough seats for the first 100 people who show up after registering.

If you already receive my emails, you probably know all about this. If you’re NOT on my list yet, you can get in here so you can be one of the first to get notified of news like this in the future.

Tiny House Living Webinar with Free Q&A

If you decide to jump in you’re going to watch me give you a short presentation related to tiny house living on your screen.

After that I’ll be passing it over to Dan Louche, of Tiny Home Builders, for your Q&A time.

My Latest eBook as Gift to You for Free Just for Participating

But that’s not all.. Dan has a couple of special announcements that will be “revealed” at the end.

To summarize:

Please show up early because we have 200+ registered participants so far, but only have room for 100 tomorrow.

I’ll be there to hangout with you if you get there early.

  • Yes, you will be offered something you can buy, if you wanted, at the end
  • But nobody expects you to buy unless you want, so no worries!

That’s all! See you tomorrow! I get to go set it all up and test tonight! Wish me the best!


P.S. Big thanks to Derek for the plug earlier today! Stay tuned because I’ll be publishing a review of his latest book soon, can’t wait to show you that.. Got it in my hands today but I’m busy, busy!

Tiny House Living Webinar with Alex Pino and Dan Louche

To register follow this link: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/480213742