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Birdie is one of Safe + Sonder Van‘s recent conversions, custom-built for a family of four. Instead of building in permanent bunks (which they did a great job of in their North model), this family chose an innovative Cabbunk system. The bunks are like hanging cots that can be put up and down when needed.

They used a U-shaped dinette that converted into a queen bed at night to give the family space to eat and hang out. Two additional captain chairs provide the children with a safe place to sleep at night. And yes, there’s a bathroom—indoors—for the family to use!

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This Van Seats and Sleeps Four!

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After her divorce five years ago, Bev decided to satisfy her wanderlust and travel the world. Of course, the pandemic shut down her international travel plans last year. One of her friends offered to sell Bev her van — and after camping with her friend to try it out, Bev decided to go for it!

She has possibly the most glamorous van we’ve ever featured here — every inch is bedazzled with rhinestones, tassles or something “pretty” to make it look and feel like Bev’s personal space. The cream and tan interior feels light and feminine, and it houses everything she needs.

Inside you’ll find her beautified toilet, sparkly sink set-up, and even a Brad Pitt pillow that goes wherever she goes. Enjoy the complete tour from Tiny Home Tours below! You rock, Bev!

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Bev’s Solo #VanLife w/ Rhinestones & Tassles

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Society has a lot of opinions on what you should or shouldn’t be doing at 37, but Brynn has tossed all that aside and chased her dream of a nomadic and free lifestyle in her 2005 Sprinter van conversion.

She made the unique choice in her van to close off the garage, allowing her to create a unique set up for all her gear storage that doesn’t clutter up her main living space. Inside you’ll find gorgeous maple live-edge counter tops she epoxied, a ceiling mural she’s painting, and even an oven!

Her story is even more enchanting than her van, so be sure to watch the full interview with Tiny Home Tours below.

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She Closed Off the Back of Her Sprinter for an Epic Garage

Brynn Chooses Sprinter VanLife at 37

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Think you need thousands of dollars to renovate van? Full-time students Conor and Mattie spent just 500 Euros (about $556 USD) to transform their van into a home! They used pallet wood and other recycled lumber from friends and family to outfit their travelling home (@our_venturing_van), and the results are incredible.

Right now they live and travel in Ireland, but they have some big plans for September (which are still a secret). What I love about this story is that the couple discussed the idea of vanlife on a Saturday night, and on Tuesday they purchased a van! It’s so easy to overthink things, but these two jumped right in. They had the whole thing largely finished in just two weekends of crazy-fast building!

We got the chance to interview Conor, so don’t miss the Q&A at the end of the post!

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#Vanlife in Ireland: Full-Time Students

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This is Meg and Aaron’s incredible Promaster Van conversion that seems to fit everything into its tiny space! Not only do they have a bathroom (shower & composting toilet); they also included a chef’s kitchen (Meg is Superyacht Chef) and a rooftop deck for yoga, relaxing and sunset cuddles.

The two spent 2.5 months stripping their van and making it into their travelling house. It runs on solar power and propane, and has a huge garage space to fit all their toys. Tiny House Giant Journey did a fantastic video tour with the couple which you can watch below.

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Promaster Van Conversion with Bathroom & Chef’s Kitchen!

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This is The Reality of #VanLife – Full Documentary Movie – 2018.

A movie That follows an ex van dwellers journey as he seeks to dispel the myths about living in a van that social media shows. A look into the Hashtag that claims to represent vanlife.

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The Reality of #VanLife – Full Documentary Movie – 2018 by Forrest Stevens

Reality of VanLife Documentary

Images © Forrest Stevens via YouTube

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This Arya, Phil and Jennifer’s Delica campervan conversion.

The couple bought the Mitsubishi Delica van for $12,000 then spent an additional $7,000 to convert it, which took them about a month and a half to do.

They used to live in a 1978 VW bus that they restored so this was their second go around at a project like this. You can follow Phillip Doyle, Mogwai, and Jen on their Instagram @delicastravels.

Arya the Mitsubishi Delica Van Conversion

Arya the Delica Campervan Conversion 001

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For Sale: 2013 Transit Connect XLT / Adventure Ready

The van is in excellent condition and still under warranty. Ready for a new owner and the next adventure.

Only reason we’re selling is because we moved to a larger Transit van that we’ll be living out of full-time.

2013 Transit Connect XLT Adventure Van


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Julian bought this super stealthy 1999 Ford E-150 pop top campervan to use for rock climbing trips and as a mobile home & office when he’s doing freelance photography contracts.

The van has a pop top which is fairly rare on Ford E-150 vans, but it allows him to stand up in the van when he’s parked to make chores like cooking and making the bed more comfortable. Or for stretching after a long day of photo editing.

The van has a furnace, ice box, water tank, kitchenette and a bed. The front passenger seat swivels to provide extra seating space in the “living room.”

Julian’s Stealthy 1999 Camper Van

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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