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It’s every little girls/boys dream to have a majestic tree fort right in their backyard. For Lynn Knowlton, she made that dream a reality! Lynn, an Interior Designer, lives just outside of Toronto, Canada. She had always wanted a tree fort of her own and decided one day that she was going to make her wish a reality.

Lynn built the most amazing tree house on her property using 100% recycled materials. Even the wood that was used was taken from her friend’s barn that had been knocked down by a tornado. The windows came from various locations like an old church and old houses.

The tree house comes equipped with a gorgeous porch to relax on, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom and even a big red slide! It’s able to accommodate two adults, and get this….YOU can book it for a night or two if you wish! Lynn rents her beautiful fort out to anybody wishing for a tree house adventure! Talk about exciting! Bookings to stay in Lynn’s tree house can be made on her blog or on Trip Advisor.

Woman Builds Tree Fort Cabin


Images © Lynne Knowlton

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