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Matt was in prison for fraud, angry at the people who put him there when he got on his knees and begged God to help him. He says his life changed right there, and he had all these ideas flood into his mind of ways to help others — one of those was to build affordable tiny homes to sell and raise money to fund the “Rescue Ranch” — a 5-acre working ranch in Colorado to help facilitate men and women with addiction problems to get clean.

Today, those ideas have become a reality with Holy Ground Real Estate. The charity offers 12, 16 & 20 ft. tiny homes, hand made to order and ready in January 2021. The 20 ft. home is just under $20,000, while the 16 ft. is $16,500, and the 12 ft. is $12,500 — talk about affordable tiny homes!

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Affordable Tiny Homes to Support Recovering Addicts!

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