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When Jeff Loper wanted to build a second home in Colorado he realized it would be more out of reach than originally anticipated. Then he visited a friend’s farm where they had built a 300 sq. ft. tiny cabin on the property.

This inspired him to look at small houses which led him to discovering tiny houses on wheels on the Internet. With years of carpentry experience he decided that not only would he build a tiny house for himself, but he would build a company to serve others with the same goal in mind.

And that, in short, is how Valley View Tiny House Company was born. Right now I’d like to show you The Shenandoah 160 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels that Jeff and his team have built. Please enjoy, talk about it in the comments, and re-share if you want to below.

Valley View Tiny House Company’s Shenandoah House on Wheels


Images © Valley View Tiny House Company

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