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This Girlfriend’s Perspective on Off-Grid Tiny House Living is a guest post by Cheryl Davies and Rob Greenfield – share your story and tiny home here too!

A few months ago we shared with you a story about Rob Greenfield’s off grid micro cabin life in California. Since then, Rob’s girlfriend, Cheryl, has shared her perspective on his lifestyle. So here is what they both have to say, starting with Rob…

I often see comments like, “This guy obviously doesn’t have a girlfriend,” and they’re talking about me when they say that! Well let me tell you, I DO have girlfriend and she is AMAZING, GORGEOUS, and we are SO IN LOVE! She loves to spend time at my off the grid tiny house with me and she’s coming over right now. Here she shares her perspective on my off the grid, tiny house lifestyle…

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Girlfriend’s Perspective on Off-Grid Tiny House Living


Images © Rob Greenfield

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