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In the woods of Chappaqua, New York is this modern studio cabin. Designed by, Workshop APD, the team made this modern cabin blend beautifully with the surrounding area.

I can see this being a great weekend retreat spot or even office space to get away from the hustling city life. Or if you are an artist or author what a great space to get creative in.

What do you think of this modern studio cabin? Although there are no interior photos how would you design the inside of this cabin? Share your comments with us below.

300 Sq. Ft. Modern Studio Cabin


Images © Workshop APD

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Since I am spending some time in Detroit, Michigan for the winter I decided to reach out to my cousin, Charlie Zink, who blogs about his adventures biking around the streets of Detroit and taking photos of the interesting things he finds there.

Charlie comes across quite a few amazing gems on his adventures so I asked if he had ever seen tiny or small houses in the city.

His search for tiny spaces yielded some pretty neat results. I thought I would share two of them with you today.

One appears to be a crudely made shelter and the other a small abandoned building that may have some use in the future. Scroll down to see more.

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Small House in Detroit

Photo by Charlie Zink

I encourage you to check out the rest of Charlie’s Detroit tiny homes below:

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Sergio Sanchez, architect, has rented a walk in closet and has converted it into his own studio.

You can see it all for yourself in the video below provided by ABC.

He created a loft so that he can sleep up top while being able to use the freed up space underneath as a home office.

There’s a mini refrigerator and an area to watch television.

Interestingly enough there is a window. Watch the video below so you can see how he crammed it all into such a small space and let me know what you think in the comments.

Check out the article on Minimalist Homes on ABC by clicking here.

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