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Susan Moray enlisted the help of Jack Barnes Architects to help her convert her garage into a 550 sq. ft. ADU cottage that she now uses as a vacation rental in Portland, Oregon’s Ladd neighborhood. ADU, by the way, stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit in case you’re not familiar.

Together with Design Build Portland contractors they were able to get the job done for a total cost of $90,000, according to Accessory Dwellings. Now you can stay in the cottage if you’re ever in Portland.

Jack Barnes (architect) designed an amazing little cottage based on the already existing garage structure that’s so energy efficient it received a Platinum Award from Earth Advantage. And they had absolutely no trouble getting the plans approved by the city thanks to his expertise.

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Woman Converts Garage into Small Yellow ADU Cottage


Images © Sky Rocket Photography/Portland Vacation Cottage

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Right now I’m showing you a small cottage that the homeowners are using as a vacation rental for extra income in the Mississippi district of Portland, Oregon.

As you walk towards the entrance from outside you’ll walk right beside the main house which perfectly matches and compliments this little cottage.

The outside entry way features beautiful brick pavers with artistic tiles that add some color and fun. And they give you a preview of the tile inside.

Once inside you’ll realize that this little cottage has a lot of space saving features that you might want to consider when designing and building your own small or tiny home. Please enjoy and re-share below!

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Homeowners Use Small Cottage for Extra Income


Images © HomeAway

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When I think of tiny houses I also think of small houses like this beautiful and open summer house I’m showing you here.

I’ll always show you both tiny and small homes so that you can find what’s truly best for you long-term (whether it’s tiny, small, or somewhere in between).

This summer house is a great example of what you can do with a slightly larger amount of space. It’s a backyard retreat used for vacation rentals by the homeowners.

Beautiful Backyard Small Cottage


Images © LightLocations.com

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I thought you’d like to tour Susan’s 423 sq. ft. tiny cottage studio with an upstairs loft.

It’s in the East Bay area of California. When you walk inside there’s a ground floor area with a living room, bathroom, and plenty of open space for a kitchenette if you wanted to add one.

When you go upstairs there’s a spacious loft bedroom area. In total, there’s one bedroom and one bathroom. Susan, the owner, uses the space in many ways. She’s quite flexible with it, in fact, as you’ll learn below.

469 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage in California


Images: New Avenue Homes

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