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This is the Silver Bullet Tiny House on Wheels that was built by Titan Tiny Homes.

It’s a rendition of the iconic Shedsistence tiny house design which features an indented entry door plus a full size storage shed accessible from the outside of the home.

Take the full tour below and let us know how you like it in the comments. Thanks!

Titan Tiny Homes Builds a Shedsistence Tiny House: The Silver Bullet!

Silver Bullet Tiny House on Wheels by Titan Tiny Homes based on Shedsistence 001

Images © Titan Tiny Homes

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This is the 24ft Wanderlust Tiny House.

It’s built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses for a young military couple in Montana. They wanted a tiny house on wheels so that they could take it with them anywhere they get stationed. Pretty cool, right?

This design/build is a combination of the Shedsistence Tiny House and the Tiny Lab. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Military Couple’s 24ft Wanderlust Tiny Home

24ft Wanderlust Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses 001

Images © Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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Just because you’re having a baby doesn’t mean you’ve outgrown your tiny house!

Look at Robert and Samantha, of Shedsistence, who built the perfect bedside baby crib (now version two) in their loft.

Since having their baby Robert and Samantha have made changes to their loft, added a safety barrier, and have a crib downstairs so they can still live tiny even with their baby!

Robert and Samantha’s DIY Tiny House Loft Baby Crib

Photos © Shedsistence

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I know we’ve shown you the SHEDsistence Tiny House plenty of times before, but builder and owner, Robert, just sent us this amazing time lapse of the entire build from trailer to finishings!

It’s about 8 minutes long and if you’ve ever wondered what it really looks like to DIY your entire tiny house, then it’s totally worth watching. Plus, it’s pretty mesmerizing since you aren’t doing any of the work!

To see more pictures of the finished home, check out our post here. Want to build it? The couple wrote a book, “Built With Our Hands,” about their whole tiny house journey, and it’s packed full of construction details.

Related: SHEDsistence E-Book: “Built With Our Hands

SHEDsistence Construction Time Lapse Video

Images via SHEDsistence

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If you’ve enjoyed our posts on Samantha and Robert’s THOW, SHEDsistence, you might love their “Built With Our Hands” E-Book.

We already showed you the construction pictures and images of the amazing finished product (which took them 14 months and $30,000 to build), but maybe you want something a more in-depth. Then buy this e-book! We did 🙂

The $15 PDF includes 145 pages following this couple’s DIY tiny house journey. You’ll get highly-detailed chapters on their preparation, design and construction of SHED. You’ll also get copies of the floor plans, elevations and see more interior and exterior finished photos.

They include a tools list and explanations of everything they did from floor framing, to building wrap, to electrical and plumbing work. Basically, if you are looking for a technical, but engaging explanation of what it’s really like to design and build a tiny house from concept to completion, then you’ll love your copy of this book.

Take a peak inside!

SHEDsistence E-Book: “Built With Our Hands”

Images via SHEDsistence

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This is the Shedsistence Video Tour.

Do you remember this adventurous couples’ fantastic tiny house?

The couple just finished a great video tour, and they also have an awesome e-book memoir about building their DIY home.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below!

Shedsistence Tiny House Video Tour


Images via Shedsistence

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This is the Shedsistence tiny house on wheels.

Very likely, one of my very favorite tiny homes ever!

This is an update from the adventurous couple who designed and built this one-of-a-kind, beautiful, and functional, micro home on wheels.

It’s the same couple who were able to include a tremendous amount of storage in their tiny house on wheels. I think they’re geniuses.

Please enjoy, learn more, share your best thoughts in the comments, and re-share below. Thank you!

Shedsistence Tiny House

Shedsistence Tiny House 001

Images © Shedsistence

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