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This is an incredible outhouse and bathhouse for a beautiful New Zealand tiny home located on a generational family farm.

If you’re a fan of outhouses, bathhouses, cabins, and tiny homes, I think you’ll really enjoy it and get a lot of inspiration from it. Check both of them out below and let us know your thoughts about them in the comments too!

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Outhouse and Bathhouse in this New Zealand Tiny Home

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When his customers needed a little outhouse, he was there to build it for them.

This is a unique, quirky, whimsical, and little outhouse built by @k.knack (Instagram) somewhere on Salt Spring Island (BC, Canada). This is the same builder who built this awesome micro cabin with bump-out wings seen here. Looks to me like a very nice place to go potty. I would certainly enjoy it! Is that wrong to say? What do you think? How do you like it?

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Quick Outhouse Build on Salt Spring Island

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Looking to stay somewhere magical in England? This Haven on the Hill fits the bill! It’s all handmade from reclaimed materials and is filled with fun vintage decor.

It has a large porch with amazing views and a pizza oven! There’s a separate handmade outhouse, but guests have access to a full bathroom in the main house nearby. It’s available to book on Airbnb, by the way.

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The Haven on the Hill Reclaimed Tiny Cabin with an Outhouse in England!

Haven on the Hill

Images via Airbnb

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This is the story of Kristie Wolfe and the giant potato tiny house that she built in Idaho. This was, of course, after spending a year touring the United States with it to promote Idaho potatoes with the Famous Idaho Potato Tour. If you used to get out a lot, maybe you’ve seen it before!

But it wasn’t until around seven years later when the potato was finally retired, that Kristie Wolfe was able to start making her dream of turning it into a tiny house, come true. Now, it’s known as the Potato Hotel and it’s located about 20-minutes away from Boise, Idaho.

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A Giant Potato Tiny House in Idaho With A Silo Outhouse

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Looking to completely immerse yourself in nature, but keep a few creature comforts? This glass tiny house in Brazil should end up on your “must stay” list!

The glass hut is located in the remote corners of a Brazilian forest, far from civilization, WiFi, or cell-phone signal to allow you to completely disconnect and just enjoy the lush surroundings. There’s a natural swimming pool and river right near the house for your enjoyment!

Outside the glass sleeping area is an outhouse (with a flushing toilet!), outdoor shower, and even a bathtub nestled in the trees! You can cook over the fire pit, and enjoy coffee with a stunning view on the small raised deck. Besides the host’s home, this is the only accommodation on the property allowing you completely privacy. Book your future stay on Airbnb here!

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Stay in a Glass Tiny House (Just Don’t Throw Stones….)

Glass Tiny House Getaway in Remote Brazilian Forest

Images via Ed/Airbnb

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This is the Canyon Hideout Bungalow. It’s a refurbished 1958 Airstream trailer that’s been turned into a one-of-a-kind Airbnb cabin on an 80-acre property in Cortez, Colorado.

It’s magnificent! Take a look for yourself. Not to mention, it’s resting under a 900+-year-old Juniper tree, according to the Airbnb listing. What do you think?

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1958 Airstream Canyon Hideout in Cortez, Colorado

1958 Airstream Canyon Hideout Bungalow via Mark-Airbnb 001

Images via Mark/Airbnb

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This is a bright red, tall, and modern tiny house near Belleville Ontario in a place called Castleton, Ontario (Canada).

This, by the way, is a vacation rental available to book via Glamping Hub. It was designed by an architect and its dimensions are 10 x 10. The tiny home features a separate outhouse with an outdoor sink and there’s an open-air shower facility nearby. The property is on a hilltop. What do you think?

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Tall Tiny House Getaway near Belleville Ontario

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This is the story of The Griswald. It’s a 24-foot treehouse motorhome by Yogi’s Fine Woodworks.

If you’re looking for a one of a kind rolling tiny home, this could be it. What do you think?

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The Griswald 24-Foot Rolling Home by Yogi’s Fine Woodworks (Look-Out For the Wheel-Barrel-Kitchen-Sink!)

The Griswald 24-Foot Rolling Home by Yogi’s Fine Woodworks 001

Images via Yogis Tiny Homes | Instagram | Facebook

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This is a quirky industrial-style tiny house on wheels with a built-in outdoor shower in Atlanta, Georgia. It happens to be a vacation unit located on an urban farm in the area.

It’s a one-of-a-kind tiny house with 93-square-feet of space inside. It has some really interesting features like a private outdoor shower, a modern composting toilet, a built-in hammock/loft, gymnastics climbing holds, full kitchen inside, and more. It’s a really cool tiny house that just might give you a new idea or two!

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One-of-a-kind 93-square-foot tiny house with a built-in (private) outdoor shower/outhouse – pretty cool!

Quirky industrial-style tiny house on wheels with PRIVATE built-in outdoor shower

Image via Glamping Hub

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