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This is the story of Kris’s tiny round cabin that he built for only $4,000.

In this video, he had just been living in it for about a year.

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Off-Grid in his $4,000 Tiny Round Cabin

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This off grid modern solar house in California isn’t tiny or even that small… But since it’s 100% off the grid I thought it was a smart enough design to include here.

At 1200 sq. ft. it would make a great home for a family or person who spends lots of time at home. It’s called the IT HOUSE and is made of glass and metal in the middle of the beautiful desert landscape in Pioneertown, California. The design system used to build this house was created by Taalman Koch.

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Prefab Off Grid itHouse

Off Grid Modern Solar House in California-02

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the home’s tour below:

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