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This is a log siding tiny house on wheels for sale in New York. The buy it now price is $25,000. You can learn more about this tiny cabin on wheels in this post when we originally featured it on Tiny House Talk a few years back.

When you step inside this custom built tiny house you are in the living room with a cozy sofa bed, a rustic bookshelf, and a fireplace. There is space for a small dining table or desk near the kitchen. In the kitchen, there is a small sink, two burner propane cooktop, microwave and mini refrigerator.

The bathroom has a full-size fiberglass shower and composting toilet. Up the ladder to the sleeping loft you’ll find a queen size bed. The entire interior of the home is natural pine with foam insulated walls. There is a galvanized roof and this tiny house is secured and built right onto a double axle utility trailer. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Log Siding Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in New York


Images © eBay

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