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A sleek update to their standard Rumspringa model, Liberation Tiny Homes created this budget-friendly “Modern Rumspringa” which offers clean lines hidden under the shed-style roof.

There’s both a front door and French doors in the back which could open up onto a deck, extending your living space outside. Two lofts offer plenty of sleeping and storage options, while the kitchen has an impressive amount of counter space! The build features the very-popular storage stairs we all need, and a bathroom complete with a subway tile shower stall and closet. The best part? For me, that baby wood stove! The base model costs $55,500, and you can ask further questions here. You can also check out a 3D tour of the build here.

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30-Ft. Tiny House on Wheels Loaded with Amenities!

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After purging plenty and donating some 20 bags of clothing, Will & Devan were ready to move into their tiny house, crafted for them by Liberation Tiny Homes.

The lovely house features two lofts with a split storage staircase, a breathtaking custom kitchen, and a bathroom with a huge 5-foot walk in shower and a flush toilet.

While the couple has only been living tiny now for just over a month, they’re loving the home they designed and are ready for their tiny adventure. We got to do a Q&A with the couple which you can read after the photo tour!

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New Hampshire Tiny Living in Will & Devan’s Liberation Tiny Home

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Here’s the latest THOW from Liberation Tiny Homes: A 28′ Modern Tiny House on Wheels with a u-shaped kitchen, luxurious bathroom, and two lofts.

The interior is lined with white shiplap and dark flooring, and the bathroom has a 5-foot shower with stunning glassy-green tiles. They sent us photos and a great video tours to get all the details!

You can contact Liberation Tiny Homes for a quote for your own custom build.

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28-ft. Modern Tiny Cabin on Wheels by Liberation Tiny Homes

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This is the latest tiny house build from Liberation Tiny Homes: Their “Farmhouse #8” is similar in style to their previous tiny homes — and that’s good news! As always, it’s beautiful and professional inside and out.

The exterior features PVC board and batten siding and metal roofing, while the inside has the very in-style shiplap siding in a lovely creamy color. Enjoy the photo tour, and get more details below!

Sold as-is, this home would cost $87,000. Get in touch with Liberation Tiny Homes here to commission your own build.

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Liberation Tiny Homes Newest Farmhouse THOW

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This is to help announce that New Frontier Tiny Homes is partnering with Liberation Tiny Homes to build out their incredible tiny house designs.

So here is a video update with the official announcement from David Latimer, CFO of New Frontier Tiny Homes below.

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New Frontier Tiny Homes and Liberation Tiny Homes Partnership/Collaboration Announcement (Video)

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This is The Craftsman Tiny House by Liberation Tiny Homes with a stylish interior design. It’s a 30-ft. home on wheels with a main-floor bed, beautiful side-entry, and it’s built on a sturdy triple-axle trailer.

The home features quartz countertops, metal roof, wainscot, and other interesting features. The Craftsman by Liberation Tiny Homes starts at $85,000. What do you think of the layout and interior design?

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30’x8.5′ Craftsman Tiny House on Wheels by Liberation Tiny Homes in PA

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