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I’m excited to introduce you to this tiny house whose owners have named it the Love Shack. It’s a king-sized bed on a trailer and is disguised as a tiny house.

I received an email from Napalm Dragon and I know I don’t normally do this but I would like to share it with you.


Hello there,

In August, my wife and I built our art project called “The Love Shack”

We left British Columbia on September 12, and have been on an
adventure ever since.

In a nut shell, we intended to build a Tear Drop Trailer, then joked
that it would be cool if it looked like a little shack.

2.5 weeks later, we had a Love Shack and hit the road.

Love Shack Adventures: Their Tiny House on a Trailer

Photos Courtesy of Napalm Dragon (LoveShackAdventures.com)

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