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Ikea, the Swedish king of small space furniture and home decor, has unveiled their 2012 catalog.

It’s 374 pages fat and this time there’s an iPhone-app version of it.

Later this month you’ll be able to find an iPad one as well, if you use one of those.

To me, this year’s catalog and Ikea’s growth is proof that folks in general are downsizing.

People are interested in moving into smaller, smarter places.

A Home Doesn’t Need to Be Big, Just Smart

That’s what’s on the front cover in bold.

It’s filled with ideas on how to make your small space smarter though:

  • Do it yourself shelving
  • Storage ottomans
  • Loft beds

Inside you see examples of a living room with a bunk bed over the couch.

A kitchen and dining area surrounded by three bunk beds.

Various examples of vertical space being utilized with shelving.

When you continue flipping through the pages, you’ll find:

  • More ways to maximize space
  • We love small spaces! (A message from the founder)
  • One room, many zones

Ikea's 2012 Catalog Focuses on Small Spaces
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