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The TRIVIA is a concept vehicle created at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana in Brazil.

It’s an electric tricycle that can protect you from excessive wind, rain and extreme temperatures.

It’s slightly larger than most motorcycles and has just enough room one person.

It’s designers include Felipe Degasperi Aranega, Sergio Tadeu Almeida Curitiba, and Felipe Andretta Costacurta.

The TRIVIA is an Electric Tricycle Concept Vehicle

Although it has an electric engine it’s designed to have pedals to increase fuel efficiency and get exercise.

It uses gears similar to that of a bicycle. The design also includes air conditioning and a luggage rack. In 2009, it earned the iF concept award.

Trivia - Electric-powered Tricycle Concept Vehicle

Photo Courtesy of TRIVIA/YouTube

If you like this little electric scooter-car, watch the video clip to see exactly how it works: [continue reading…]