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This is a traveling bookstore tiny house in France. It’s called “”La Librairie Itinérante” or, roughly translated into English, The Traveling (Tiny) Bookstore. Besides being beautiful and clever, I love that the bookstore also includes a bathroom, office and loft bedroom for the owner. Isn’t that great? Enjoy the pictures and get more details below! It was built by Pauline and Roman of La Maison Qui Chemine, a tiny house company in France:

“We are a young couple (24-27 years old) who have decided to build Tiny Houses for one year now. We’ve just made our first Tiny house for a bookseller: “La librairie itinérante.” He and his Tiny House are now moving from place to place, mostly villages without books or forsaken by shops, to sell used books at middle price, and to tell stories in the evening, free of charge, in the Tiny House. You just have to bring your slippers!”

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Beautiful Traveling Bookstore Tiny House

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This is the Essen’Ciel Tiny Home on Wheels.

It’s built by Baluchon, a French tiny home builder.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

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Essen’Ciel Tiny Home by Baluchon

Images via Baluchon/Facebook

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This is the Ty Roule tiny house on wheels in France.

From the outside, you’ll notice it’s built on a trailer and features a unique roofline.

When you go inside, you’ll find multi-functional furniture, lots of built-in storage, and more.

It features a living area, kitchen, bathroom, a dinette that converts into a bed, and two sleeping lofts.

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Ty Roule Tiny House on Wheels

Ty Roule Tiny House on Wheels 001

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If like me you’ve been wanting to see more tiny house communities come to life you’ll probably really enjoy this post (and the videos below).

Because projects like this can serve as a model for any of us to follow or at least learn from to create more tiny living micro communities around the world.

I like the idea of independent ‘micro’ communities created by relatively small groups of people who exchange labor with each other to keep building costs low.

But if you wanted (or the group wanted) the land could also eventually serve as a learning center, farm, sustainable living learning center, etc.

DIY Micro Tiny House Community in France

I encourage you to learn how a group of friends and fellow carpenters built this micro community using very little money and their own labor in a fairy tale forest setting in France:

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