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Erika traveled all over the world with just a backpack, so living tiny was nothing new to her when she met her now-husband Matt. After living in Barbados together and getting pregnant, they had to decide how to travel and still give their daughter stability.

The bus pretty much fell into their laps, and they made it a fantastic home! The shower stall on the bus stairway is possibly the most innovative shower location I’ve seen so far. And guess what? The bus is for sale.

But fear not! They are building out another bus, this one better-set-up for their growing family. If you want to purchase their original skoolie (asking $72,000) you can contact them via their Instagram page here.

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Shower Stall in the Doorway?! Amazing!

Family of 3’s Amazing Skoolie w Unique Shower FOR SALE 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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