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This small a-frame cabin that many people would call a tiny house was professionally renovated by dmvA architecture.

They called the project Extension House VB. It’s a vacation home in Brecht, Belgium.

The clients wanted to respect the original design while making it modern and more spacious.

A-frame Small House Renovation

Here’s what they did in summary:

  • New entrance
  • Library
  • Bathroom renovation
  • White interior
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Views of nature

Here’s what the cabin originally looked like:

A-frame Tiny Cabin

Photos by Mick Couwenbergh

My question to you is, “do you like it better before or after?” Take a look at the home after the renovation then I’ll tell you what I think below:

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I ran into this Airstream “tiny house” on Airbnb and just had to share with you.

It has a beautiful deck, hot tub, and an outdoor shower.

Vintage Airstream Tiny House with Deck

This vintage/retro Airstream conversion is such a great way to vacation or even try out tiny living for a weekend if you’re ever in the Wimberley, Texas area.


That looks like the life doesn’t it! Why don’t you check out the rest of this retro tiny house below:

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