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It took married couple Edwin and Clara 2.5 years to build it, but they moved into their very own DIY THOW just a month before California went into lockdown due to coronavirus. Their home sits on 27 acres in Northern CA — the absolute perfect spot to shelter-in-place.

This home was a true labor of love, with it’s post-and-beam construction created from wood they milled at a friend’s wood mill! They were both incredibly dissatisfied with their concrete jungle lifestyle in San Diego, where they worked too many hours and struggled financially. Their DIY home cost $30,000 to build, but it’s given them a new freedom with their time and more connection to the nature all around them.

We got to interview the amazing couple, so enjoy the photo tour of their incredible home below and then read the Q&A! And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram @tinyhomewildadventures.

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Post and Beam Tiny House on Wheels with Luxurious Shower

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What a stunning tiny! This hand-built open floor plan THOW is now for sale in Aptos, California. The seller lived in the home he built for 3 years but is moving and doesn’t have a place to relocate the home. He’s asking $70,000.

It has gorgeous high ceilings, a deep soaking tub, and huge windows that let in tons of natural light. If you’re worried about the loft bedroom being too tight, don’t be! The current owner is 6’3″ and said it’s roomy enough for him. It’s for sale over at Tiny House Marketplace, see and learn more below.

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New Hand-Built Tiny Home in CA: $70K (Sold)

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This is a 10-foot wide by 26-foot long California Tiny House with an amazing bathroom. It’s the first time I remember seeing a bathtub and a shower in a tiny house bathroom. Not a necessary feature, but it is really nice!

This tiny house also features a staircase to the main sleeping loft, a dedicated living area with another loft overhead, a full kitchen, and of course the wonderful bathroom. Please enjoy the tour below and leave us with your thoughts about it in the comments.

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10-Foot Wide Tiny House with an Amazing Bathroom – It Has a Bathtub AND Shower!

10-Foot Wide Tiny House with Amazing Bathroom by California Tiny House

Images © California Tiny House

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This is the Sequoia model by California Tiny Houses in the Fresno area.

This is an 18′ tiny home on wheels custom built by the company. And since it’s RV certified it should be relatively easy to get an RV loan to buy from them.

It weighs about 9000 lbs with about 1300 lbs of tongue weight in case you’re curious.

Inside you get about 224 sq. ft. of space and there’s even an extended loft that goes over the hitch a bit. Pretty smart, right? I also absolutely love the garden window. 🙂

224 Sq. Ft. Sequoia by California Tiny Houses


Images © CaliforniaTinyHouses

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