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When she watched a documentary on minimalism, Katie was living in New York City and started questioning everything — why was she running the rat race? Was this the right choice? That led her to quit her job and travel the world, eventually to Drew. He was also into travel and slow living, and they ended up in Sri Lanka, living in small rooms and rarely buying anything.

But when 2020 forced them back to the U.S., they realized how hard it was to continue simple living in our wildly consumerist culture! But a cabin in the remote Vermont woods living off the land? That was about as close as they could get! You’ll love the tour of this small cabin and how they make it work for their personalities and life goals.

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From Sri Lanka to Vermont: Simple, Intentional Living!

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Tucked away in western Massachusetts is this lovely little board & batten cabin where you can enjoy nature, mountain views, and the wonders of being unplugged from the outside world! There’s no wifi, limited electricity, and no running water, but you’ll be cozy and warm with a wood stove, propane stove, and loft bedroom.

The property also has an outdoor kitchen, a picnic area, and an outhouse. You’ll feel at peace in the forest. Enjoy the photo tour below.

  • A tranquil semi-off-grid cabin in Massachusetts.
  • Surrounded by forests and mountain views.
  • Rustic charm with woodstove warmth and outdoor living amenities.

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Modern-Day Cabin Living: Semi-Off-Grid Retreat in Picturesque Massachusetts

Semi Off-Grid Cabin Camp Retreat in Massachusetts

Images via Airbnb/Hannah

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Need to escape the city? This off-grid homestead cabin in New York sits on a 103-acre working farm with tons of goats and free-range chickens!

While there’s no plumbing or electricity, you’ll get the ambiance and warmth of a wood stove and a chance to cook over an open fire.

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This Rustic Cabin Sits on a Working Farm (w/ Lots of Goats)

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Ever wanted to stay in a barn? Probably not, but this studio-style vacation apartment is located in the loft of this secluded barn that’s close to tons of beautiful trails you can enjoy. It has a complete kitchen so you’d never even need to leave if you didn’t want to! A great place to unplug.

One of the coolest things is it shows how you can set up a tiny space and have a bed on the first floor. Studio set-ups are a great way to make that happen, and perfect for a single person or even a couple with similar sleeping schedules. Take a look below and book a stay on Airbnb.

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Stay in a Barn! The Braeburn at The Appleton Retreat. It’s A Studio In A Barn!

BRAEBURN at The Appleton Retreat 013

Images via Airbnb

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This is a tiny cottage under a treehouse in the rolling hills of Northwest Wisconsin.

When you go inside you’ll find a living area, sleeper sofa, wood-burning fireplace, kitchenette, a sleeping loft, and a desk.

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Tiny Cottage Under a Treehouse

Tiny Cottage under a Treehouse

Images via The Little Cabin under Big TreeHouse

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This is a 300 sq. ft. off grid cabin in the woods of Yulan, New York.

The owner is also a fashion and interior designer, Scott Newkirk, who enjoys staying here and getting away from the big city during weekends in the spring.

The cabin is completely off grid with no electricity and no running water. This allows Scott to completely unplug from the modern world. When he wants to take a bath he goes down to the nearby creek!

Outside you’ll find there’s a large outdoor deck for relaxing and taking in the surrounding views of nature. Inside you’ll notice an open floor plan and floating stairs that lead up to the sleeping loft. Simple but awesome, isn’t it?

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

300 Sq. Ft. Off Grid Cabin in Woods of New York


Images © Dean Kaufman Photography

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Mark Andre was marking trees in one of the Arcata Community Forest’s most remote sections recently when he happened upon something that wasn’t there the last time he’d been in the area. That was back in 1985, when Arcata’s Environmental Services director was a city forest technician.

It was a cabin. And not the usual ramshackle, trash-strewn heap of debris, but a proper house, constructed, if not for the ages, for more than just a brief stay.

Tiny Cabin Discovered in Arcata Community Forest

Tiny Cabin Discovered in Arcata Community Forest

Images © Kevin L. Hoover/MadRiverUnion

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Designed in nature and eco friendly I’m happy to share with you the Tye River Cabin located in Skykomish, Washington. The architects, Olson Kundig, designed this cabin with large windows and glass doors for entertaining and inviting the outdoors in. I feel these features give the modern river cabin a more natural feel.

The cabin is compact yet cozy and fully equipped with a kitchen, living room with a fireplace, two bedrooms and a bathroom. I think this cabin in the woods would make a nice peaceful place to live, how about you?  Enjoy the photos below and let us know what you think are about this cabin down by the river.

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600 Sq. Ft. Tye River Cabin in Washington


Images © Olson Kundig

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If you’re interested in living in the mountains, there is a lot of opportunity from Boulder to Granby to Winter Park and everywhere in between.

If, however, you want to scale down your square footage as well as your carbon footprint, a tiny house might be the right fit.

It’s all about planning, so break down the considerations into two categories: mountain living and tiny house living.

Mountain Life

Sewage and water are important considerations. Without a well, water can be tricky to access.

Consider a rain barrel system or, if available, hooking into another homeowner’s well.

Things to Consider Before Moving into a Tiny House or Cabin in the Mountains or Woods

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