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This is a 1997 E450 Diesel Ambulance Conversion with 4×4 and a shower!

It also features air conditioning, an awning, backup camera, built in water tanks, a roof rack, solar power, and so much more. It already has 203,000 miles on it, but I hear these will easily keep going with proper maintenance. What do you think? Would you ever consider an ambulance camper like this?

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4×4 Ambulance Conversion With A Shower For Sale!

4×4 Ambulance Conversion For Sale 001

Images via Van Life Trader

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This is an ambulance turned into a modern motorhome/surf camper.

The old ambulance was brought to YetiBus Builds by a client of theirs, Chelsea, who bought it with the intention of turning it into a weekend camper and mobile surf shack. The goal was to be able to cook simple meals from it and rinse off after a surf session. The result is this awesome ambulance surf camper by YetiBus Builds. Check it out!

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Old Ambulance Turned Into Surf Shack Motorhome

Ambulance Turned Surf Camper Motorhome By YetiBus Builds 001

Images via YetiBusBuilds

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This is a stunning DIY conversion of an ambulance into a camper van, built by Amanda and her dad over the course of 7 months.

The vehicle is a 2006 Ford E-350 cutaway that used to be an emergency response vehicle for the US Navy. Amanda bought it for $10,000 CAD and the conversion cost an additional $10,000 CAD.

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She Built It With Her Dad In 7 Months

Ambulance Camper Van Conversion - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Amanda Lemay

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Chris & Michelle bought this former fire department ambulance so they could use it to travel during the summers, but after their first tours with it, they decided to jump into “ambulance life” full-time! Michelle quit her job as a teacher, Chris works remotely, and they rent out the house they own.

What you’ll see below is actually the second build-out they’ve done of the ambulance — the initial build was much simpler and cheaper, but once they moved in full-time they gutted it again and redid the inside to meet their full-time needs.

Enjoy the video tour from Tiny Home Tours below, and be sure to follow the couple’s adventures on Instagram here.

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They Renovated this Ambulance Twice to Make It Home.

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This is Jana, and she and her cat, Louis, are travelling the country in her DIY converted ambulance, dubbed the “Janbulance.”

After living on St. Thomas island for 7 years as a teacher and aerial yoga instructor, she worked five jobs to save up and then asked for a year off from work, bought an ambulance on Ebay, and transformed it into her home! Amazing, Jana!

Her home on wheels includes a gorgeous shower stall, a hidden potty, and two marble-esque epoxy countertops she DIYed. Keep an eye out for her Pepsi-crate drawers. Watch her video interview with Tiny Home Tours below to hear all her tips on travelling as a solo female. Follow her on Instagram here.

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She Made This Ambulance Into Her Tiny House

janbulance 4

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Tom Miller found a 1989 F350 diesel dually army ambulance and transformed it (with no building experience, mind you) into a fantastic family camper/bug out vehicle!

The “Fambulance” as he calls it, has been outfit to meet his family of three’s needs for weekend trips and in case of a real “bug out” survival scenario. At only 100 square feet, it’s quite tight inside (you have to be under 5″2′ to stand upright), but he’s made it into quite the neat vacation home complete with live-edge maple countertops and hand-sewn curtains.

Miller recommends gutting the entire ambulance and not trying to save much of the existing cabinetry, since it all interconnected and tough to reassemble. Watch the rest of his video tour with Tiny Home Tours for more tips and tricks!

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Bugging Out In His 1989 Army Ambulance!

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This is the story of Jake’s Japanese ambulance bus conversion. He actually has two of them, now, and their names are Peachy and Jiro. He’s on Instagram @wherewe_roam.

Jiro is a 1989 Japanese ambulance truck that was brought to the United States. This is Jake’s second bus, and he named it Jiro because it means ‘second son’ in Japanese. This bus is really awesome because it features a fold-down stage for performances. And so you can actually rent out this bus and use it as a mobile showcase, store, or for performances! Anyway, it’s pretty awesome that it made it all the way to the U.S., isn’t it? Check it out right here thanks to our friends at Tiny Home Tours/YouTube!

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Jake’s Jiro 1989 Ambulance Bus Conversion with Fold Down Performance Stage

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This is the story of Tom’s 4×4 Ambulance to Off-Road Motorhome Conversion! How cool is that? It’s called the Lost Box.

It all started when he bought a 4×4 ambulance with low miles and proceeded to turn it into the incredible off-road tiny home on wheels that you can see for yourself below. Enjoy!

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4×4 Ambulance Turned Off-Road Motorhome Tiny Home

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This is the story of Carl and Maddie’s converted ambulance. Yes, they bought a retired ambulance and turned it into their traveling home.

The great part is, they really didn’t have to modify the vehicle all that much and it already provides loads of storage. Have you ever thought of buying an ambulance to convert into a motorhome? Seems like a pretty cool idea to me, especially if you sort of fear the ‘conversion’ part, since an ambulance can oftentimes work as-is. What do you think?

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Carl and Maddie’s ambulance tiny home

Couple turn old ambulance into their traveling tiny home via FLORB

Image via FLORB/YouTube

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