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If you’re an Airstream travel trailer lover like I am, I think you’ll really enjoy this renovation. It’s a story about a family of four who partnered with Anthropologie to transform an old Airstream trailer into a beautiful tiny home on wheels.

This little home has been named the Wandering Star. I think you might agree that you’ve never seen an Airstream that probably looks and feels like a cozy home more than this one. It’s just awesome, isn’t it?

Oh wait, you probably haven’t even seen it yet! Just wait until you see inside. I think you’ll be pretty amazed. Not only is it awesome, but it serves as a reminder that you can live tiny in a renovated travel trailer too! Especially if you desire to travel often. Remember, there are many ways to live tiny (and stick-built tiny homes on trailers aren’t the only way). So please enjoy the tour, visit Sarah Schneider, and re-share this with your other Airstream-loving friends below. 🙂

Woman’s Airstream Renovation with Anthropologie (Wait Until You Go Inside…)


Images © LoveSarahSchneider

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