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This is a 36-foot tiny home you can build using these affordable tiny house plans by Michael Janzen of Tiny House Design. It’s the Carrack 836, which is a smaller version of the Carrack 1042, aka, the 420-square-foot ‘big tiny house’ you can build using these $39 downloadable plans.

This version is still pretty big, but it’s easier to tow, and legal to do so without a permit, kind of like a travel trailer. It’s 8′ 6″ wide, 36′ long, and 13’6″ tall. The design is flexible, so you can sort of make the space work best for you. I wonder what yours would look like…

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8×36 Carrack Tiny House by Michael Janzen… Plans for a comfortable tiny house on wheels

Carrack836 Tiny House Plans by Michael Janzen TinyHouseDesign-com 004

Images © Michael Janzen/TinyHouseDesign.com

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