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If you haven’t seen the 200 sq. ft. Zen in Law tiny house yet I think you’ll be glad you did today.

It’s a 10′ x 20′ studio was designed and built for a local author near downtown Boise, Idaho.

He wanted to have space for writing, doing workshops and hosting the occasional guest.

But if it were mine I’d like to live in it full-time because it’s AWESOME…

You’d just have to be willing to use the kind of scary ladder to the loft.

But besides that, I think you’ll agree that it could make a great full-time tiny house.

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zen in law tiny house

Images © Kaybird Photography via GravitasLC(Link Expired, Original Source: gravitaslc.com/Blog/2010/11/little-contemporary-writing-studio-completion)

It was designed by Gravitas LC and is actually available as a vacation rental on AirBNB by the owners.

One thing that’s different about it is that it has a murphy bed in the loft.

I encourage you to take the full tour below:

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This 200 sq. ft. modern and rustic tiny house on wheels by Tiny House Northwest is for sale in Portland, Oregon.

It was built using as many reclaimed materials as possible along with low VOC finishes inside to keep it safe to be in.

The flooring is securely bolted to the trailer which you can learn how to do yourself with these videos.

The slanted roof keeps is spacious and simple in the upstairs sleeping loft so there’s no need for dormers which increase the chances for leaks later on because of the extra cuts and corners.

The exterior sheathing is secured by being screwed and glued to the framing.

200 SF Modern Tiny House on Wheels

200 SF Modern Tiny House on Wheels

Images: Tiny House Northwest

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Here’s a tiny house that you probably haven’t seen before.

It’s a 9′ x 24′ Irish Gypsy Cottage as named by Joe O’Conner of Zoe Cottages.

At just 200-square-feet I think you’ll be surprised at how spacious it might feel relative to most of the 8’6″ wide versions that we normally see on trailers.

Also if you you’re not a fan of sleeping lofts you’ll be especially happy because this design has a downstairs bedroom.


Photo Credit YouTube/Mike Warner

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour of this tiny house below along with the video tour at the bottom:

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