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Here’s a guest post by Valerie Fredericks on a 160 sq. ft. shipping container home for sale.

This  20′ x 8′ newly built tiny home is an eco-friendly reuse of a shipping container, so you can feel good about helping to conserve our planets’ resources. It is easily adaptable for on or off-grid living, as well as energy-efficient and cost saving with its well insulated interior walls.

The sturdy roll-up lockable door is installed over the 6 ft. slider entryway and is designed with extra security in mind. It keeps your property secure when closed, while when open it allows sunlight in through the dual-paned glass doors.

This shipping container tiny home comes with a small kitchenette (cold water sink and base cabinet) and conventional toilet.

160 Sq. Ft. Shipping Container House For Sale

160 Sq. Ft. Shipping Container House-001

Images © Valerie Fredericks

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