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Simple Shelter Texas Tiny House

Today I’ll introduce you to Victor and his Simple Shelter Texas company. He has turned building small spaces into an art by using recycled materials and his creativity.

Here’s a quote from his website:

Beautifying the world – one backyard at a time That is my motto and my mission! My name is Victor Summers and I build one-of-a-kind projects, mostly out of wood and some imagination. I have been recycling building materials for years, since before it was cool to be green. When designing I plan carefully to minimize waste and keep materials costs down. I love to design and create, but I appreciate a well-designed and engineered product in kit form and am happy to provide expertise in siting and assembly if you have fallen in love with a prefabricated structure that you have seen online. Also, some of the backyard buildings seen online can be easily duplicated locally for a much more reasonable price. So if you have an idea and can’t quite find what you want, or if you browse my portfolios and get inspired by something you see here, contact me and we’ll talk about how to make it happen!

~ Simple Shelter Texas

simple shelter texas tiny house

simple shelter texas tiny house front

Victor has many more projects that you can see on his website and he can even work with you on your next structure.

He is in Spring Branch, TX

Please visit his website for more pictures and information.

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  • Avatar Davidrc

    Thank you. His website was fascinating.

    • Thanks David glad you liked it. Miss you around here!

  • Now THIS, I like….simple, cozy, and easy to build….

    Author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”
    Host of “Tiny Yellow House” TV

  • Avatar Cal 20 Sailor

    Like the Oriental influence–looks like Shinto or Javanese, maybe? Nice wide eaves. Rain drumming on that uninsulated corrugated metal roof is definately for those who would cherish the sound, though…

    • Thanks Cal, definitely has an oriental influence which I LOVE.. Always have. I enjoy the rain sound on the metal roof personally. Thanks Cal!!

      • Avatar Cal 20 Sailor

        Actually, so do I–some of my fondest memories have me snuggled up like a bug in a sleeping bag in my tent while a desert or Sierra storm raged outside! Hope your travels are going well.

        P.S. Think I nailed down the Oriental influence thanks to a quick visit to Wikipedia: definately Shinto, possibly late Jomon period…

        • Hehe, cool! Thanks for looking that up and sharing. Talk to ya later, Cal!

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