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Share Your Tiny House Story

If you’d like to share a tiny or small house just use the form below to submit the story and upload photos.

What We’re Looking For

I’m always excited to share a tiny or small house that’s fun to look at. It’s even better if you can tell the story that goes with it too!

Normally we focus on homes as tiny as 45 square feet and as large as 1200 square feet. But usually we like to keep it under 900 square feet. 🙂

Image Size Requirements

Please make your images 900 pixels wide. The system will deny any photos larger than 2000 pixels (so please resize before uploading).

Photo Rules

You don’t have to own the photos (or be the photographer). You just have to have permission to use the photos.

Credits and Links

Include a link to your website and we’d love to include it in the story as a resource.

Earn Side Money Sharing Tiny Houses

If we use your story and photos on Tiny House Talk I’ll send you $5-$20 for your journalistic help!

If you have any problems with this form please e-mail me at alex AT tinyhousetalk DOT com. Thank you!

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