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Portland’s Big Tiny House Weekend!

From Friday, November 6th to Sunday, November 8th, is Portland’s Big Tiny House weekend because small home designers and fans from all over will be gathering in Portland, Oregon for a number of different events.

Here’s a rundown of what’s happening, so you can plan accordingly!

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PAD’s Tiny House Basics Workshop – Saturday and Sunday, November 7-8th, 2015

Dee Williams PAD Tiny House Workshop

Dee Williams at a PAD Tiny House Workshop. Photo: Chris Tack

PAD Tiny House’s two-day Tiny House Basics Workshop is comprehensive but entry-level, introducing you to the unique design and building principles that apply to a house on wheels. With a mix of classroom-style learning and a tour of real tiny houses, they address:

  • Case studies of tiny houses and pocket neighborhoods.
  • Cultivating home—the place and the people who make community.
  • Navigating codes, insurance, and regulations.
  • Tiny house building basics, including how to properly anchor a stick-built structure to a trailer.
  • Tiny house building science, including moisture control, ventilation, heating and cooling.
  • Tiny house systems, including electrical, gas and water systems.
PAD Tiny House Workshop Dee Williams

Dee with her house’s layout on a bedsheet. Phoot: Chris Tack.

Tiny house designer, builder and pioneer Dee Williams teaches PAD’s workshops with an emphasis not just on the nuts and bolts of construction, but with introspection and heart about building your right life, as well. This workshop is special because it’s the last one Dee will be leading for 6-12 months! So if you want to take the workshop participants call, “Incredibly informative, fascinating, and inspiring,” act now – early bird and buddy discounts apply until Friday, October 24th!

Learn more about PAD’s workshop!

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Tour of Portland, Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Portland ADU Tour photo: Billy Ulmer

Crowds assembling at the Spring ADU Tour. Photo: Billy Ulmer

Accessory dwellings, or ADUs, are legal and permitted small homes added to the lots of conventional houses, or converted out of attic, basement or garage space. These periodic tours open up real ADUs all over Portland to interested residents who want to see how these homes feel and work, and hear tips and stories from the people who designed, built or own them. You can register for the self-guided tour and receive a map with basic information, or register for a guided tour in a 15-person passenger van to visit each home with an expert guide. I attended the Spring ADU Tour and found it super interesting. Visit the ADU Tour Page to learn more about Fall’s Tour!

ADU Tour of Portland photo: Billy Ulmer

John Hayden’s beautifully-converted basement ADU. Photo: Billy Ulmer

For those seriously exploring building an ADU, Kol Peterson (founder of the Tiny House Hotel) offers a full-day class called Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit on Your Property. The class on Sunday, November 8th is sold out, but there’s still space in the class on Sunday, November 15th – Visit Kol’s site to learn more about the class!

The Build Small Live Large Summit – Friday, November 6th, 2015
Build Small Live Large Summit

This unique, one-day event will share what’s working, what’s new and what’s next in small housing. The Summit is about how homes under 1,000 square feet can save people money, lighten their environmental footprint, connect them to their communities, and look beautiful – all while helping cities add desirable and affordable housing.

Build Small Live Large Summit

ADUs, small house communities, tiny houses on wheels, and tiny house communities for the homeless will all be covered in sessions by experts from around the region.  The Best of Small design slam will offer a high-energy look at beautiful and inventive small spaces by top designers, and real tiny houses will be available to tour outside the Summit venue all day in Portland’s South Park Blocks. The ESCAPE traveler tiny house on wheels is coming all the way from Wisconsin, and there will even be a converted shipping container home on display as well!

The ESCAPE Traveler. Photo: ESCAPE

The ESCAPE Traveler. Photo: ESCAPE

Read more about Summit sessions that are of particular interest to tiny house fans here, or visit the Summit online to learn more and register!

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Billy Ulmer
Billy Ulmer is the author of the Life in a Tiny House Ebook, a collection of photos and in-depth interviews with people who designed and built their own tiny homes. He writes about how home shapes our lives at UnlikelyLives.com.

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  • Dee October 19, 2015, 6:58 pm

    So can you explain exactly where these homes will be located? Not everyone who lives in Portland knows where the South Park blocks are.
    Really appreciate the location as I am wanting to design and get one started for myself that my SUV can transport. Thanks for the additional information.

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