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How to Build a Pallet Cabin

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Today’s post topic will be structured and made out of pallets…

Pallets are pretty abundant and easy to acquire. Often, they can even be free.

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From Scrap to Shelter: Building a Pallet Cabin

Tiny Free Pallet House by Michael Janzen

First, I’d like you to check out this housing solution by I-Beam Design, “The Pallet House.”

The average life of a Refugee camp is 7 years, with some exceeding beyond 50 years. There is a need for an alternative shelter to the typical tent solution that can transform a temporary living condition into a permanent home.
Pallet House by I-Beam Design, was conceived as a transitional shelter for returning Refugees.
I-Beam-Design, Suzan Wines, Azin Valy, New York, NY

I couldn’t get the video to show up here, so I’ll have to just give you the link… Pallet House I Beam Design on YouTube (Opens in a new window)

It looks excellent, especially for a pallet house.

Pallet Cabin Built from Start to Finish

Embark on a captivating journey of ingenuity and resourcefulness with “Pallet CABIN from START to FINISH in 10 minutes.” Witness the remarkable transformation from humble pallets to a cozy off-grid sanctuary, all within the span of just 10 minutes. Join the creator as they showcase the entire construction process, from laying the foundation to raising the roof. Marvel at the sheer creativity and minimalistic approach employed to craft this rustic haven, all accomplished with limited resources and hand-built, off-grid power tools. Whether seeking inspiration for sustainable living or being fascinated by DIY endeavors, this video will surely captivate and inspire.

A $1200 14′ Salvage Tiny House Built of Pallet Wood

Join Deek from relaxshacks.com as he explores the incredible craftsmanship behind Joseph Labaire’s $1200 14′ Tiny House made entirely of pallet wood! This innovative dwelling showcases Joseph’s talent for utilizing urban salvage, self-milled wood, and repurposed materials to create a sustainable and affordable living space. With a loft, composting toilet, self-built windows, and ample built-in storage, this tiny house proves that eco-conscious living can be stylish and budget-friendly. Located just outside Worcester, MA, this little masterpiece offers a glimpse into the possibilities of minimalist living with maximum creativity.

Check out Michael Janzen’s Tiny Free House…

Tiny Free Pallet House by Michael Janzen

Image © Michael Janzen

I love his idea of building this on a trailer. Go check out his blog Tiny House Design.

More Pallet House Resources:
Tiny House Design – For more pictures and information on the pallet house on wheels
MQ Pallet House
– This is a link to a Flickr photo of a nice pallet house

This post contains affiliate links.

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