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This is a Room to Move home in New Zealand.

It’s a super solar-powered house built from SIPs. New Atlas wrote:

Ex-boat builder and carpenter Jeff Hobbs from New Zealand-based studio Room to Move was recently commissioned to build a special bespoke tiny house for local resident Briar Hale. The 23.95 sq m (257.8 sq ft) house was built using structural insulated panels (SIPs) made from plywood and foam; recycled wood materials and sports multiple off-grid solutions. Hobbs chose to build the home using 62 mm (2.45 in) thick SIPs due to their lightweight, strength, durability and excellent insulation qualities, and also meant that he had extra floor space to work with when designing the home’s interior.

Lily’s 150 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels in New Zealand

Room To Move New Zealand Solar-Powered Tiny House

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This is a tiny log cabin in New Zealand called the Fossickers Hut. From the outside, you’ll notice it has a classic pioneer style to it. It’s a tribute to the gold miners who once lived in an area called Canvastown that’s nearby.

Today, the little log cabin serves as a vacation spot that sleeps up to four people. And yes, it’s still completely off-the-grid. When you go inside, you’ll find a living area, downstairs bed, upstairs sleeping loft, a pot-belly stove, minimalist kitchen, small dining table, and an outdoor bathroom complete with shower and tub. Wouldn’t it be cool to step back in time and vacation in this Midwest-style cabin? I think so!

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Tiny Log Cabin in New Zealand

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This is Lily’s 150 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels in New Zealand.

From the outside, you’ll notice it’s a gable-roofed home on wheels with dark clapboards, a beautiful metal roof and stained-glass front door.

When you go inside, you’ll find a book lover’s dream, with an entire wall of built-in shelves overflowing with books and another bookcase near the couch with even more books.

You’ll also find a wonderful kitchen, bathroom, dining table, living area with couch, and an upstairs sleeping loft. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Lily’s Tiny House on Wheels in New Zealand

Lily's 150 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels in New Zealand 001

Images © Jane Ussher via Stuff.co.nz

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I like knowing that small houses are gaining momentum in other parts of the world and this tiny house that has just been accepted into this eco-friendly and sustainable community in New Zealand proves that the demand for smaller homes is continuing to grow.

In this post, Bryce Langston and Melissa Nickerson take us on a journey to a place called EarthSong Eco-Neighbourhood in Auckland, New Zealand where this woman is living the simple life in her mortgage-free 121 square foot tiny house on wheels.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Where would I put a mobile micro-home if I did build or buy one?” this video is one way to answer that question.

As you’ll see below, this community is full of sustainably designed homes and micro homesteads with permaculture and farming in place.

And now it is home to one of New Zealand’s first trailer tiny homes with a seemingly wonderfully happy owner/dweller. The micro home was built using Tumbleweed’s plans.

Eco-Community Accepts It’s First Tiny House

Isn’t it great to see the idea catching on around the world?

I find it encouraging and hope to continue seeing it gain momentum.

This way we can begin seeing tiny living communities being developed and legal tiny living lots being offered in areas where they are desired by people like us.

Enjoy the rest of the photo tour and video tour of this home and the Eco-Community it’s in below:

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Kayla has always tried to live in small spaces — purposefully choosing the smallest room in her co-op and figuring out how to live with less. When she got a remote internship for the summer, she decided to hop into vanlife and travelling!

For such a tiny, quickly-built rig, Kayla’s van is so impressive! It has a bed/couch/dinette with three configurations, and a kitchen that she can use indoors and out — pretty cool.

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Kayla’s Weekend Vanlife Rig

Grad Student’s Ford Transit Connect w Pull Out Kitchen 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Eva graduated college and wanted to hit the road and travel. She has a full-time remote job and made this 2013 Ford Transit Connect into a gorgeous, very tiny, home on wheels. While most people hide their stuff in a “garage” under the bed, she created secret wall cubbie you’re going to love.

Despite how compact her van is, her choice of light and bright white-on-wood interior keeps it looking quite open. She even added a CD player so she could listen to her CD collection, which is adorable. Enjoy the tour!

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“Birdie” the Stealth Van with Secret Storage Compartment!

Eva’s Ford Transit Connect 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Brad and Shyla wanted to switch things up in life, so they went down the van life rabbit-hole on YouTube, purchased a van, and then moved in — when all they had in it was a platform and their Tempurpedic mattress! Neither had any construction experience, but the finished product is gorgeous.

They included an oven (pretty rare in vans) so professional baker Brad could cook bread in his Dutch Oven! Shyla is a professional makeup artist but works remotely to support them now that the build is complete. I think you’ll love what you see below.

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They Lived in their Build While DIY-ing The Interior!

heir DIY Van Build. 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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When Beverly first got into vanlife three years ago, she kept things simple and to a tight budget just to make sure she really wanted to live in a van. You might remember her last van tour we showed off here. Well now she’s had some time to make renovations and wanted to share her upgrades!

She’s a year older now, and even happier than before with her van. She upgraded the kitchen, power system, shower and bed platform, and added an induction cooktop and swivel chair to the inside. You’ll find her signature tassle-and-gem decor still covers everything, and her Brad Pitt pillow has his rightful spot on her bed.

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Bev is Back and Better than Before!

Bev’s Bohemian Van Update! 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Jennifer lost her beloved dog, her father, her job and a serious relationship all within 6 months in the middle of the pandemic outbreak. While plenty of people would sink into despair (and rightfully so!), Jennifer used the tragedy as a launching pad to set out on the #vanlife she always dreamed of living.

The time alone forced her to sit with her feelings and process the heaviness of the grief she endured — and she’s come out better on the other side. In the interview below, she offers tips for staying safe while traveling alone — and conquering fears. Enjoy!

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Choosing #Vanlife After Immense Grief & Loss

Sage the Van and Jennifer’s Self Discovery

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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