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This is the stunning Mohican Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living, the builder’s model home that’s for sale at a discount in Columbus, Ohio. Update: This has now been sold, but you can still look at it below. 🙂

The house includes cream-painted poplar interior siding that contrasts with beautiful brown maple accents — one of my favorite color schemes. It has a loft bedroom, a spacious living area with built-in shelving (and a real, comfy couch!), a galley kitchen, and bathroom with an awesome sliding barn door for easy access. Have questions? Details and the builder’s contact information are below!

Mohican Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

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This is the recently completed DEJESSI tiny house built by French tiny house builder, Tiny House Tarentaise. Just wait until you see the fabulous “living wall” bathroom — the whole bathroom is lined with green plants to make you feel like you’re showering outdoors.

Besides the awesome bathroom, this layout features a ground-floor bedroom with two skylights and a large closet for storage. Off the front of the home is a deck to bring your living space outdoors, and inside is a well-equipped kitchen. The whole home is sleek and modern inside.

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French-Built 33-ft. Tiny House w/ First Floor Bedroom And Plant-Wall Bathroom!

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This is the story of Mat and Danielle’s experience staying in a traditional Mongolian yurt.

Only this one is slightly modernized with some awesome floor to ceiling windows along one side.

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Traditional Mongolian Yurt with Floor to Ceiling Windows!

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Dawn built her modern off-grid tiny house in a solar powered workshop in Nova Scotia, Canada, with her business partners, Jennifer and James, from Full Moon Tiny Shelters.

In the latest video from Exploring Alternatives, we get a full tour of her open concept, minimalist yet luxurious tiny house; and we learn why she was inspired to build it, how she adapted her life to fit in a small space, and why she thinks tiny houses are here to stay.

3 Years Living in a Modern, Off Grid Tiny House

Woman Spends 3 Years Living in a Modern, Off Grid Tiny House - VIDEO - Image © Exploring Alternatives

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This ecoPerch tiny cabin is located in Blackberry Wood campground in Sussex.

Designed by Blue Forest architecture firm in Sussex.

The entire structure is approximately 26′ x 19′ so about 494 sq. ft. (including the covered front porch area and storage outside).

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Modern Prefab Tiny Cabin Design

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I encourage you to tour the inside, check out the floor plan, and leave your best thoughts about it in the comments below:

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I wanted to show you these modern micro shelters built out of Sydney, Australia.

They can be used in combination to create a community of micro homes.

Or they can be creatively used to create your own tiny housing compound.

In this situation you might have 1-3 structures total to make up your home.

For example you can use one for living and sleeping, another for working and a third for bathing.

Multi-functional Modern Micro Shelter Pods


© Tom Ferguson

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I really like this tiny cabin‘s modern look and feel.

Especially because everything remains simple. Really simple.

This modern micro house was designed to be a weekend getaway.

In it you’ll find a lofted sleeping area with a great view thanks to the cabin’s design.

There’s a screened porch area along with a deck. Take a look for yourself below.


I encourage you to go inside below:

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I usually show you tiny houses on wheels but today I’m showing you a modern truck RV/motorhome by MCM Design. Besides that I also like to share teardrop campers and other RVs with you too.

So today I ask you the question, “would you rather go with a modern motorhome like this… Or a tiny house on wheels?” Have a look below first and then decide. I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments at the bottom on what you’d prefer.

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Modern Motorhome vs Tiny Houses

MCM Design Motorhome Tiny House

I think this motorhome is so well designed that I wondered if some of us would consider something like this over a tiny home on a trailer?

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Remember the N2 we showed you last week? It’s now available for a $20K discount! This stunning home has a practical single-floor layout and a private bedroom with a walk-around queen-sized bed.

This smaller version of the N1, the home boasts a Mid-Century Modern design, and the three huge sliders open up to a private porch that stares into a grove of palm trees and foliage. You can purchase the home today (financing available) for $149,450 and the lot rent is $625/month.

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$169,450 $149,450 For a Stunning First Floor Tiny Home in ESCAPE Tiny House Community

N2 for sale 14

Images via ESCAPE

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