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Handcrafted Movement has three of their gorgeous “Cambria” tiny house models coming up for sale over the next three months. Their April build has sold already, but their May, June and July completions are still available!

This stunning house features the craftsmanship that Handcrafted Movement is known for, and this particular model has a “flex room” which can easily become a ground-floor bedroom for folks avoiding lofts and ladders. Additionally, the space has a dedicated living area with a TV/fireplace, a spacious kitchen with nearly full-sized appliances, and a luxury bathroom.

The home is for sale for $96,000, and you can put down your deposit here.

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Stunning Tiny House with Downstairs Bedroom

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The Yewnicorn Tiny House was built by Rudy Triller.

It was built on a secondhand* gooseneck trailer which allowed him to put a bedroom only a couple of steps up from the main floor to eliminate the need for a ladder and a loft.

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The Yewnicorn Tiny House with Unique Capsule Bedroom

Yewnicorn Photo 1

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is the Blue Lifeguard Stand Tiny House with two bedrooms on the main floor at Tiny House Siesta. Built by Core Housing Solutions.

It’s a vacation rental in Sarasota, Florida that sleeps up to 4 people comfortably. What do you think?

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2-Bedroom Tiny House in Florida

2 Bedroom Tiny House in Florida

Images via Tiny House Siesta

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This is a 32-foot Farmhouse tiny house on wheels with a main-floor bedroom for $88,000. It’s built by Liberation Tiny Homes.

It features a beautiful barn wood accent wall and many other upgrades to make it unique. What do you think of it?

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$88k Farmhouse tiny house w/ a main-floor bedroom and super nice bathroom

88k Farmhouse tiny house w main floor bedroom and super nice bathroom via Liberation Tiny Homes

Images © Liberation Tiny Homes via Facebook

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This is a 282-square-foot tiny house on a trailer with a main-floor bedroom and a slide-out to give you more space when you’re parked. According to the listing, it was built in 2018, is located in Dania Beach, Florida, and is available for $39,999. Sold/archived.

The house features a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, storage, air conditioning, it has a water heater, and it comes furnished as you see it below.

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282-Square-Foot Tiny House with Slide-Out, Main-Floor Bedroom, And More

282-Square-Foot Tiny House with Slide-Out and Main Floor Sleeping For Sale in Dania Beach FL

Images via Buenaventura Tiny/Tiny Home Builders

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David and his wife worked on renovating the kitchen in this Kilifi round cottage so that his mother-in-law can live here in her retirement. The beautiful cottage has panoramic coastal views and plenty of outdoor space to enjoy. The name “Ula” is the Celtic word for “seashell.”

The cottage is about 40 feet in diameter and two floors. There are two bedrooms upstairs, and a tennis court and garden space outdoors. Enjoy the pictures he sent!

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Round Cottage in Kilifi, Kenya w/ Panoramic Ocean Views

Round ULA Cottage in Nairobi 11

Images via David Percival

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This is Indigo River Tiny Home’s fanciest model yet — a 39-foot gooseneck THOW complete with two storage lofts, a living room gooseneck, and a ground-floor bedroom with built-in wardrobes. The owners added tons of upgrades to make this a truly luxurious tiny home.

Especially in tiny homes, the kitchens and living rooms tend to be one large space. What do you think of separating them?

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Modern And Sleek Gooseneck Tiny House by Indigo River Tiny Homes

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This is a fantastic tiny house on wheels with all the bells and whistles, including a downstairs bedroom with slider doors that take you outside and let in tons of natural light.

The Villa Max Park Model is built by Tru Form Tiny, and comes in at 36′ long. You can design your own version on their website, and get exact pricing. Check out the beautiful home below.

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Tru Form Tiny 36′ Park Model


Images via Tru Form Tiny

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If you’re lucky enough to own some extra land somewhere, putting a tiny house there for personal family vacations is a great way to get a lower-cost vacation property! That’s what this Colorado couple did. They reached out to Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses to have an off-grid, low maintenance THOW built and delivered to their remote land outside of Durango.

The metal siding should hold up to the wind and snow, and they have multiple off-grid systems, and backup systems, to keep them warm no matter the weather. There’s a loft bedroom, 32″ shower stall, and composting toilet. The build came to about $65,000 without the solar array.

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Durango Cabin Tiny House on Wheels

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