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Becky and Austin had started saving to build a tiny house after Austin’s motorcycle accident changed their perspective on life. But, as life should have it, the pandemic derailed their going-tiny plans. But instead of giving up, they shifted goals and chose to go build out a van and travel domestically!

They purchased their Sprinter for $17,000, and spent another $8K making it a cozy home-on-wheels. Originally a plumber van, it already had a door blocking off the cab when they bought it, which they love since it makes the interior seem like a studio apartment rather than a vehicle. Enjoy the tour!

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They Were Going to Go Tiny & Then Chose #VanLife

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This is a Mercedes Sprinter van build by Land Carpentry And Constructions out of Australia.

They’re a builder with a residential construction background who are now building tiny homes and van conversions. This particular van conversion has a very interesting layout that we don’t normally see in the United States. What do you think of this van build’s layout? Would you build out your van like this?

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Sprinter Van Build With Unique Layout

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Here’s a super neat van conversion built out by Detour Vans in Canada. It has all the latest in bells and whistles, and it’s ready for any off-grid adventure you can throw at it.

Birch cabinets with locks have a sleek Scandinavian vibe, while marine flooring is ready for all the mud that off-roading entails. The 2017 Sprinter has just 41,000 miles on it, which means it has plenty of life left to take you all over the U.S. and Canada!

It’s for sale right now for $129,000 over at Van Life Trader.

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Ultra-Modern Van Conversion by Detour Vans

Mercedes Sprinter 144 Premium Build Out For Sale 2

Images via Van Life Trader

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Meet this awesome couple who took inspiration from marine set-ups to create a functional Sprinter van home. Unlike many vans we’ve seen, they put the kitchen along the cab of the van, creating a solid divider between the driving and living space.

That design choice gave them room to include a full banquette, a breezeway and a permanent bed setup. They chose a simple garage without much shelving so they could maximize all their space, and they have a huge battery bank for their solar power.

Watch the full tour with Tiny Home Tours below!

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Boat-Inspired Sprinter Van for this Great Couple

Two-Slider Sprinter Conversion W/ Kitchen Divider

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Cody and Christina love living in their 2018 Sprinter, which they named the Desert Cruiser. Their interview with Tiny Home Tours is extra special because they spend a few minutes discussing how perfect vanlife fits with their relationship: They haven’t spent a night apart in four years, and that’s the way they like it!

But in terms of the vehicle nuts and bolts, they have some great features including a 4-foot-wide sliding bike rack that makes storing and using their mountain bikes incredibly easy! And yes, there’s a toilet hidden in this build.

Follow their adventures on Instagram after checking out the video tour below.

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Their Awesome Van with A Special Mountain Bike “Drawer”

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Shaunnan & Faith thought they might van life for a while and then find some land to homestead on, but after experiencing the amazing community in the van world, they’ve decided they may do it for far longer than they’d first planned.

Their Dodge Sprinter features a large (for a van) kitchen, complete with a fridge and freezer, and a nice, deep sink for washing cast iron pans. I really love the back of this van, because they did something somewhat unique with a couch-to-bed system that includes a roll-out table extender.

Enjoy the video tour from Allison at Tiny Home Tours below! Follow the couple’s adventures on Instagram here.

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Five Months of Part-Time Van Adventuring

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Society has a lot of opinions on what you should or shouldn’t be doing at 37, but Brynn has tossed all that aside and chased her dream of a nomadic and free lifestyle in her 2005 Sprinter van conversion.

She made the unique choice in her van to close off the garage, allowing her to create a unique set up for all her gear storage that doesn’t clutter up her main living space. Inside you’ll find gorgeous maple live-edge counter tops she epoxied, a ceiling mural she’s painting, and even an oven!

Her story is even more enchanting than her van, so be sure to watch the full interview with Tiny Home Tours below.

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She Closed Off the Back of Her Sprinter for an Epic Garage

Brynn Chooses Sprinter VanLife at 37

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is a 4×4 Sprinter Van Conversion by Recreational Van Designs with an interior by ZenVanz.

It’s for sale via Van Life Trader and you can learn more about it below!

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4×4 Sprinter Van Conversion with ZenVanz Interior

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Ellie was working day and night in DC, wishing and waiting for the day she could travel again. She grew up overseas and couldn’t help but feel that wanderlust.

After five years of saving and a couple months building out her 2005 Sprinter, she and her cat, Moose, hit the road. Moose is the coolest cat because he goes kayaking and hiking with Ellie! While she occasionally misses the conveniences of city life, she wouldn’t trade them for the freedom she has!

Plus, she lives in a stunning van complete with live-edge countertops and an L-shaped kitchen. Don’t miss Tiny Home Tour’s video interview with Ellie (and Moose) below.

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Life on the Road with Moose The Adventure Cat

DIY Sprinter Van Tour – Insights Into Full Time Solo Female Vanlife 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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