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This is a park model tiny house with a huge couch! Park models are built on larger trailers so you get more space to work with but they’re not designed to be moved around frequently because of their size and weight. Because of that, you need a special permit to tow it and normally you would hire a professional to do it for you.

So this tiny house on wheels has a whopping 456-square-feet of space inside! The extra width of the trailer is what allows you to have such a huge l-shaped couch int he living area. That’s why park models can be great! They also usually have full-size kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms which makes it pretty easy to adjust to if you’re downsizing from an apartment, condo, or single family home.

According to the listing, this unit was built in 2017 and is available out of Ronkonkoma, New York for $59,999. To explore more awesome tiny homes like this, join our Tiny House Newsletter. It’s free and you’ll be glad you did! We even give you free downloadable tiny house plans just for joining!

456-Square-Foot Park Model Tiny House with a Huge L-Shaped Couch in the Living Room

Tiny House with a Huge Couch

Images via Cassone Leasing/Tiny Home Builders

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Tiny homes give people a chance to reconnect with the things that matter rather than the trappings of everyday life. Plus, it’s one of the most economical decisions a person can make in the face of rising inflation and increasing home prices.

Though tiny homes can be a great alternative for potential home buyers, tiny homes come with a few unique challenges. One of the main questions a tiny home buyer may have is; where am I going to put my home once I buy the tiny home or have it constructed? This question usually is not a problem for more traditional single-family homes, though it might be a challenge for tiny homes. With the right planning and an understanding of common rules, however, finding land for any kind of home can be a breeze.


Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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Thinking about going tiny? Wondering what benefits you can expect after simplifying your life and moving into a smaller space?

Whether you end up downsizing into a tiny house on wheels, an apartment, school bus conversion, a little cabin on a foundation, or any other sort of small space, you’ll likely experience most of these benefits.

Which one benefit do you think would have the biggest positive impact on your life?

Top 5 Benefits You’ll Probably Experience by Moving into a Tiny House

Escape One Version 2

Image © ESCAPE

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This is the story of a couple who bought a 46ft boat to live in it!

On Black Friday 2017, while most of our friends and family were braving holiday sales, recovering from Turkey hangovers, or #optingout with a hike, my husband and I were loading our scant belongings onto a 46′ motor yacht.

Their story is continued below. Enjoy!

Couple Living in a 46ft Boat

Living Tiny in a 46ft Boat Wife Aquatic 001

Images © Wife Aquatic

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This is the Elsa Tiny Home on Wheels by Olive Nest Tiny Homes in Taylors, SC.

It’s a 323 sq. ft. tiny house with an adjoining patio extension with a greenhouse! Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Take a look below and let me know what you think in the comments! And yes, as I write this, it’s available for sale! More info below..!

Images via Zillow

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Remember Professor Wilson? He’s the teacher I once told you about who took a dumpster and turned it into a tiny home and then followed through by living in it for 10 months!

That’s right! He actually lived in a converted DUMPSTER for ten months (happily)!

And now, according to Kirsten Dirksen, Jeff Wilson is creating, promoting and selling the “iPhone for housing”! And I think he’s on to something!

In the video (below), Jeff says, “things have not changed in real estate since 1884,” and I couldn’t agree more!

So this is the Kasita! It’s an incredible yet very simple idea but what do you think?

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The first “Micro Home” is available for sale in Palm Springs, CA at the Palm Canyon Mobile Club.

About 100 new homes will are scheduled to fill a vintage mobile home park in this popular resort community, creating the first neighborhood of its kind in southern California. A one bedroom home has 600 square feet with modern features, including clerestory window, sliding doors, full sized appliances, a separate bathroom and bedroom, all on one level. A 2 bedroom plan is also available, at about 800 square feet.

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A “Not Too” Tiny Home Community in Palm Springs, CA

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This is the Captain Cook Tiny Island Getaway in Hawaii!

As someone who has never lived in a warm location, this indoor-outdoor dwelling looks wonderfully magical. The big four-poster bed sits in the middle of the cottage, while you have a full kitchen down a few steps. The “outdoor” room contains your shower, toilet and washer/dryer facilities. This is a vacation home, but it gives me some great ideas if I ever go tiny some place warm.

Rent it on Home Away!

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Captain Cook Tiny Island Getaway in Hawaii

Images via Home Away

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Bob is a lawyer who ditched his luxury apartment to live in his RV named Napoleon!

Doing so is allowing him to pay off law school loan debt and live simply — read the rest of his story below.

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This Lawyer Lives in His RV named Napoleon


Images via Bob

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