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Susan Moray enlisted the help of Jack Barnes Architects to help her convert her garage into a 550 sq. ft. ADU cottage that she now uses as a vacation rental in Portland, Oregon’s Ladd neighborhood. ADU, by the way, stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit in case you’re not familiar.

Together with Design Build Portland contractors they were able to get the job done for a total cost of $90,000, according to Accessory Dwellings. Now you can stay in the cottage if you’re ever in Portland.

Jack Barnes (architect) designed an amazing little cottage based on the already existing garage structure that’s so energy efficient it received a Platinum Award from Earth Advantage. And they had absolutely no trouble getting the plans approved by the city thanks to his expertise.

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Woman Converts Garage into Small Yellow ADU Cottage


Images © Sky Rocket Photography/Portland Vacation Cottage

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Imagine waking up in a bamboo tube cabin with views of the Mexico ocean  — that’s what you’ll get in this stunning tiny home Airbnb that sits on 200 beautiful acres with a mile of beach-front property and a turtle sanctuary. Awesome!

Your stay even includes daily yoga! While this kind of structure wouldn’t work well anywhere that gets chilly weather, it’s ideal for tropical temperatures.

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Beachfront Bamboo Cottage Vacation

Bamboo Tube Vacation Cabin 8

Images via Airbnb/David

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This is the Simply Tara tiny house built for a client by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses out of Durango, Colorado.

They were even able to get the clients tiny home approved legally as a detached accessory dwelling unit on their property.

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It’s an 8×26 Tiny House on Wheels Built With Structurally Insulated Panels

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Here’s something different: A tent erected atop a large covered porch, complete with a twisty slide to the fire pit and picnic table below!

This is, of course, no normal tent. The canvas structure is held up by beautiful wooden beams, and there’s a queen-sized bed and kids’ cot bunks inside meaning no one has to sleep on the floor. It’s off-grid, with a cooler, water bubbler and solar lights, giving you an excellent glamping experience.

What do you think? We actually saw a family who lived in a tent like this here.

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Canvas Tent with Covered Porch in PA

Tent on Stilts with Twisty Slide! 15

Images via Matt/Airbnb

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Brittani & Adam got married and then though it was time to settle down and do the “adult” thing of holding full-time jobs and renting an apartment, saving for a house. But on their honeymoon they discussed their dreams of jumping into vanlife.

It took three years, but they eventually chased that dream, selling everything and hopping into Clifford (their big red van!). They travel along with Levi, an adorable Aussie pup.

They are such a sweet couple! Enjoy their video tour with Tiny House Giant Journey below.

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No Settling Down for This Couple & Their Dog

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Architect Stephane Gaulin-Brown designed this gorgeous 600-square-foot cabin for her mother and aunt. It sits on a rocky cliff on Pender Island, British Columbia.

Stephane told us, “The cabin uses vernacular building methods and is recognizably Westcoast in style, yet it has a contemporary edge. The clients were two sisters who wanted to build a shared vacation space as a kind of covid project. While everyone was on lockdown they were busy onsite.”

Enjoy the photo tour below!

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They Anchored the Foundation Right into the Rocky Cliff!

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