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This is the Lincoln Peak Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Mountain Houses out of Sacramento, California.

It’s an 18ft tiny home on wheels with 152 sq. ft. on the main floor plus an additional 58 sq. ft. king loft.

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210 Sq. Ft. Lincoln Peak Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Mountain Houses

Lincoln Peak Tiny House by Tiny Mountain Houses 001A

Images © Tiny Mountain Houses

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This is one family’s 38ft Carpathian Tiny Home on Wheels built by Tiny Idahomes.

This Tiny offers 350-square-feet of luxurious tiny living (not including loft area), a 13 ft. slide-out in living/kitchen area and an 6 ft. slide-out in the rear and  is one of the best we have built!

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Family’s 38ft Carpathian Tiny Home on Wheels with Slide Outs by Tiny Idahomes

Familys 38ft Carpathian Tiny House by Tiny Idahomes

Images © Tiny Idahomes

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This is the story behind the now famous and magical Fortune Cookie Tiny House on Wheels built by Abel Zyl for one of his very first tiny house clients.

It all started at a coffee shop with a sketch of the design to which Abel’s client immediately accepted. Towards the end of the video tour, Abel even shows you how he designed and built this tiny house too! It’s a really great video and I think you’ll enjoy it a lot.

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This is a tiny house for sale on an 18′ utility trailer in Stevensville, Maryland sent in by Debbie McPherson.

This one actually started off with the intent of just being a storage shed that could be moved. It was built to be used on the trailer or it could be taken off and placed on a foundation of some sort. One thing led to another and next thing you know it was a livable space. We have used it for company (which they loved) but we really have no use for it. It was fun to design and build but we would really like to find it an owner who can appreciate it.

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Tiny House For Sale in Stevensville, Maryland

Tiny House For Sale in Stevensville, Maryland

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