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Val and Josh left Portland and moved into a home, hoping to get closer to nature — but they discovered they spent even less time outdoors than before! So they started travelling in a renovated 5th wheel.

Soon they realized it was too big and bulky for the amount of travel they wanted to do, so they sold the 5th wheel and bought a 2014 Airstream, which they turned into their house on wheels. After decking it out with an amazing solar system, they were able to renovate the interior to match their style and needed functionality.

Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey did a great video interview with the awesome couple, which you can watch at the end of the post.

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Living and Working on the Road in their Airstream!

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Vintage vacation? Enjoy stepping back in time in this lovely renovated 1955 travel trailer at Asheville Glamping! She’s called the Silver Bettie.

The trailer sleeps 4 (one bedroom and one pull-out couch) and stretched 31 feet. The best feature? A four person hot tub! Even though the trailer is a piece of history, they added modern touches like a tiled shower with excellent water pressure and air conditioning to keep you cool.

You can book your stay in this old-fashioned RV here.

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Book a Getaway in this 1955 Vintage Trailer in Asheville


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This family of 6 first downsized from a typical American home into a 5th wheel trailer some five years ago, and then downsized (again!) into their Tiny Shiny Home: A renovated, off-grid-friendly, Airstream! Because dad Jonathan works from home already, and the kids were homeschooled, they had what they needed to transition to full-time travel. They’ve spent the last 5 years on the road exploring the country from their tiny home.

Tiny House Giant Journey did an amazing video tour with the family, which you can watch below! The video was taken before the family announced last month that they purchased land in Arizona, and are building a tiny dome home (how cool) and creating an off-grid homestead. Be sure to follow them on Instagram at @tinyshinyhome for updates on their new adventure!

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Family of 6 Go From Big House to 5th Wheel to Tiny Shiny Home

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Here’s a sleek and shiny Airstream right outside of Joshua Tree National Park where groups up to four can glamp in style! The camper includes a kitchenette, a queen bed, two twins and a bathroom with toilet and shower.

Outside there’s a deck with a grill and a fire pit for enjoying s’mores and late-night chats. There’s no TV or WiFi, allowing you to reconnect with loved ones. Linens and towels are provided.

Book your future stay at Glamping Hub!

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Airstream Glamping Vacation Spot Near Joshua Tree National Park

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This is the Bowlus Road Chief Series of Vintage Travel Trailers.

It’s a very expensive but really awesome-looking vintage-style travel trailer. Currently, they have two models to choose from, the On The Road model which starts at $137,000, and the Endless Highways model which starts at $185,000.

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Bowlus Road Chief Vintage Travel Trailers

Bowlus Road Chief On The Road Model Copyright Bowlus Road Chief LLC 001

The Bowlus Road Chief – On The Road © Bowlus Road Chief LLC

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This is the story of a San Antonio couple who specialize in rebuilding and restoring vintage travel trailers with their company Go Vintage Trailers.

According to a recent article on the San Antonio Express-News, they have restored around 20 trailers, most of them for clients. He’s redone a 1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman, two early ’70’s Streamline trailers, a Shasta Airflyte, and many more. He and his wife do it together as a team. They also offer their vintage campers as accommodation for events like weddings, parties, festivals, and more.

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Couple Restoring Vintage Travel Trailers with their Company Go Vintage Trailers in San Antonio

Go Vintage Trailers in San Antonio 001

Images © Go Vintage Trailers

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