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This is a train car tiny house project in Longview, Texas for $18,000.

It’s listed for sale over at the Tiny House Marketplace via Sifu_Rhi. The 500-sq.-ft. tiny home is built using a recycled train car. It needs some minor work, appliances, and a new location. Check it out and learn more below!

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$18,000 Train Car Tiny House For Sale in Longview, Texas

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While some tiny homes are small or light enough to transport on your own with the right vehicle, others like Park Models, or oversized homes, are best left to professional moving companies. Or maybe you just don’t want the risk of DIY-ing such an important thing — no shame hiring professionals. It’s your home after all!

We put together a list of some insured tiny house moving companies that transport homes across the U.S. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there are probably regional towing services out there you could contact. That said, this will give you a good starting point while gathering quotes. Make sure you understand exactly what the towing company promises, and especially what they insure in case of an accident.

*DISCLAIMER* We have not personally had tiny homes towed with any of these companies and have not confirmed their license and insurance policies. Please do your own additional research before booking.

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List of United States Tiny House Towing Companies!

Tiny house towing

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The story goes that there were two brothers: One went to fight in the Civil War, while the other remained in Boston. During the war, their father died, and the Boston brother built an expansive home on the land the brothers inherited.

When Civil War brother came home, he found all that was left for him was a measly piece of land, which the Boston brother considered too small for a house. So, out of spite, the Civil War brother built a 10-foot-wide home that reportedly blocked the sunlight and views from the Boston brother’s mansion.

The Spite House sold last back in 2017, but it’s for sale again — for a whopping $1.2 million! The home is more a “small” home than a tiny one, at just about 1,200 square feet. It has four floors, each one long and skinny, kind of like four THOWs stacked on top of each other.

Enjoy the photo tour below!

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Is This Historic House The Most Expensive Tiny Home?

The Skinny House (Spite House) is For Sale in Boston 1

Images via Zillow

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While a professionally-built tiny house is often the dream, it can come with a pretty hefty price tag. Cheeky Monkey is trying to make tiny homes more financially accessible by selling plans, shells, and trailers so you can DIY a tiny house.

You can purchase plans for their Jude and Strawberry tiny homes, and they also sell 18/24/28-foot trailers. Finally, their Blackbird and Jude shells are also available to purchase on their website.

Additionally, they are trying to help connect homeowners/landowners with tiny home dwellers looking for a spot to park. They’ve created a webpage where people with land and those looking for it can connect here.

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They Offer Trailers, Shells, And Are Even Leasing Land

Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses Selling Shells Renting Land. 5

Images via Cheeky Monkey Tiny House

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Bryce and Misty paid off their debts, left the city, and have spent the last 12 years building a cob home, homesteading, living off the grid, and homeschooling their two daughters.

They live without a car, so for transportation, they use taxis and bicycles, and they eventually hope to have a cart that their two horses can pull.

Living Off-Grid in a Self-Built Cob Home

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When Tina and her partner went in different directions, it left her with a tough decision to make: Leave their barn home and sell her animals, or find someway to live on pasture with her herd of sheep and goats (and her cats and dogs)?

Tiny living was the perfect solution! With the help of her dad, she built a tiny home from the trailer-up for about 20,000 EUR (~$24,500) and gets her water/electricity from a nearby barn while living in the meadow with her flock. She (@tiny.tohuwabohu on Instagram) has everything she needs and didn’t have to sacrifice her animals to get it.

Inside her home she has a full kitchen, bathroom with composting toilet, and a loft bedroom. She even has a front porch from which she can see her animals and the lovely countryside. We got to interview her, so be sure to read the Q&A at the end of the post!

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Her DIY THOW in Germany for under $25K

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This lovingly-restored 1920s Caboose used to travel the Cotton Belt Route, and now sits on a large plot on Lake Limestone in Texas and acts as a nightly Airbnb rental.

It has a giant deck on one side for eating outdoors or relaxing, as well as a fire pit for s’mores. Inside it sleeps up to five between a single bed, queen bed and fold-out couch. You’ll also find an equipped kitchen that makes it easy to cook your own meals, or picture yourself living in this beauty full-time!

You can book your stay over at Airbnb.

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Vacation in a 1920s Cotton Belt Route Caboose

1920’s Caboose Turned Tiny Home 002

Images via Mark/Airbnb

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Interested or at least curious about new and clean ways to commute or just move yourself around for the rest of 2019, 2020, and beyond?

Then I think you might find this post entertaining and informative because there are lots of new and interesting “vehicles” out there that are electric-powered that can be fun to get around in. So let’s explore a few together…

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5 Green Ways to Commute in 2020 And Beyond

What do you think of these fun and different ways to moving around? They may not be practical for most of us, but maybe if you live in a city or you just happen to be lucky enough to live really close to your work, or wherever else you may be going everyday, well, maybe these electric vehicles/scooters may be of interest to you. Or at least, entertaining to you because it’s always fun to see what’s new, and these personal electric vehicles are pretty cool, aren’t they?

1. Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2 Folding Electric Kick Scooter (2019 Version)

Segway Ninebot ES1 Gen2 Folding Electric Kick Scooter 001

Images via Segway/Amazon

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This is a $12,500 solar-powered micro cabin travel trailer that’s on eBay.

It’s located in Jamul, California but can likely be shipped almost anywhere.

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$12,500 Solar Micro Cabin/Travel Trailer on eBay!

$12,500 Solar-Powered Micro Cabin Travel Trailer on eBay 001

Images via eBay/horse567

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