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This couple had more than $100,000 in student loan debt and being able to purchase a home was a far-off dream, but going tiny allowed them to have their own space at an affordable price. They had the THOW professionally built, and they live in the Acony Bell Tiny House Community in North Carolina.

Their tiny house features a home office for Jack’s full-time job, a full bathroom, and a gooseneck bedroom with eight feet of headroom to make it comfortable. Adorably, they call it the “Wee Hive.” Enjoy the tour below.

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Gooseneck Tiny House w/ Full Bath in Community

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THOWs don’t get much smaller than this 14×8 tiny house for sale in Hurricane, Utah. Impressively, it contains all the necessities! You walk into the mini kitchen with a cooktop, sink, and space for a mini fridge.

Next is the living room which is nestled beneath the loft bedroom, accessible via wrought iron hand-holds. Finally, a bathroom with a shower and toilet sit at the very back of the THOW. What do you think?

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They Fit it All in Just 112 Square Feet!

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Annie wanted to reduce her footprint and find “sonic freedom” by getting a house where she didn’t share walls with others. As a soul-folk musician, she built her tiny home around her instruments and music supplies.

She has a lovely little backyard lot in Portland, Oregon, complete with a little garden plot and patio space. What do you think of her professionally-built tiny home?

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Her THOW Gives her “Sonic Freedom” & A Smaller Footprint

Soul-Folk Musician’s Portland Tiny House on Wheels 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Is the sequel even better than the original? I suppose it depends on who you ask, but this second version of the “Viking” model by Voyager houses has a lot going for it. In this iteration, they have a larger wall of separation between the dining and sleeping area, and there’s the addition of a cozy wood stove!

This one has a shelving unit in place of the original washer/dryer combo, which works great if you have access to another laundry source. It looks like this home is nestled on a farm with a greenhouse and a “big house,” and is likely used as an Airbnb or guest accommodations. What do you think of the Viking series?

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The Viking 2 Modern Tiny House

Viking 2 Voyager Houses 9

Images via Voyager Houses

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While we mostly talk about tiny homes here in terms of a living or vacation space, that’s not all they can be! This innovative group had the great idea to create a mobile art studio in a tiny home, so they could easily bring art to those who might otherwise not have access (or might not go to a traditional art installation).

Here’s what they plan on doing with the ArtHaus:

  • Education through workshops, school visits, artist lectures, and emerging artist shows
  • Public art exposure via a mobile ‘art center,’ bringing the art to where the community is
  • Community engagement through tailored interactions between those making and participating
  • support and space for artists working in Cheyenne and Wyoming

What do you think of this idea?

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Tiny House Brings Art to Wyoming!

Cheyenne ArtHaus Bringing Art to Everyone 2

Images via ArtHaus

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What’s a better way to start off Monday morning than checking out a truly affordable tiny house that’s on the market? Lauren had purchased this THOW for her daughter during the pandemic, and now that daughter is off to Europe and the tiny house needs a new owner.

The inside features a large galley kitchen with lots of storage cabinets, a futon bed and no need for loft-sleeping, and a bathroom in the back with a tub! With some finishing paintwork and your own decor, it could quickly become home sweet home.

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8×16 Finished Tiny Home (No Loft)

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This is The Basecamp, a 28-ft. cedar tiny house on wheels, furnished, and move-in-ready, for $69,900 over on eBay.

This BASECAMP Tiny House is in Very Good Condition. It has been gently lived in over the last few years and shows minor signs of wear and use. Overall it is in good shape and is selling completely furnished! Everything works as it should and it has zero issues. Please see all photos.

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28-ft., Cedar-Built, Basecamp Tiny House on Wheels for sale on eBay

28ft Cedar Tiny House For Sale 001

Images via zen_cycles/eBay

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A couple of weeks ago we showed you David’s awesome garage transformation in France, but that was far from his first tiny project. He built this awesome tiny house on wheels in Kenya, where he and his wife live while she was researching for a book on African myths.

His design is remarkable, with “two-floor” design that allows standing space in the loft as well as plenty of space on the ground level. Enjoy the photos below and read David’s story after the photo tour.

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David’s Kenya Bush 215 sq. ft. Tiny House

David’s Kenya Bush House 12

Images via David Percival

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If you’re lucky enough to own some extra land somewhere, putting a tiny house there for personal family vacations is a great way to get a lower-cost vacation property! That’s what this Colorado couple did. They reached out to Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses to have an off-grid, low maintenance THOW built and delivered to their remote land outside of Durango.

The metal siding should hold up to the wind and snow, and they have multiple off-grid systems, and backup systems, to keep them warm no matter the weather. There’s a loft bedroom, 32″ shower stall, and composting toilet. The build came to about $65,000 without the solar array.

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Durango Cabin Tiny House on Wheels

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