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The tiny house movement continues to gain momentum as people seek sustainable and affordable housing alternatives. Home Depot has jumped on board by offering an impressive two-story tiny home-building kit priced at $43,832.

This pre-assembled steel frame provides the foundation for a dwelling that can be transformed into a comfortable and stylish living space. With the added convenience of two bathrooms and a rooftop deck, this tiny home is a remarkable find for those looking to downsize without compromising on quality or amenities.

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$44K Tiny Home Kit Being Sold at Home Depot

44k Home Depot Tiny House Getaway Pad 540sf 001

Images via Home Depot

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Phil Ross, with the help of the Local Lake County Seasoned Freelancers, designed and built this one-of-a-kind “functional art” tiny house on wheels that offers 360-degree views of the outside with the clever placement of windows all around the tiny home.

But what really makes this unique is there’s an electric bed lift and an elevator to the loft bedroom! While we’ve seen elevator beds before, I don’t think we’ve ever seen an elevator *to* a loft. Would that feature make you rethink a tiny house with a loft bedroom?

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Electric Bed Lift & Elevator to the Loft!

Functional Art New Self-Build w Elevator. 70

Images via Phil Ross

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This is the Buttercup, the latest iteration of the Kokosing model built by Modern Tiny Living. This model features a full kitchen, full bath, sleeping loft, high-top work/eat nook, and swiss-army-knife social area that can become an additional bed or lounge area.

The name comes from the soft, yellow color the clients chose for the exterior of their home. Inside, they kept things quite neutral, with white walls and natural wood trim. What’s your favorite part of this tiny house?

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Latest Iteration of the 24 ft. Kokosing by MTL

Buttercup by Modern Tiny Living 15

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In Toledo, Ohio, a small village is making a big impact on its community. Bluff Street Village, a project initiated by the Monroe Street Neighborhood Center, has recently welcomed six new tiny homes into its fold. These compact dwellings, spanning only 400 square feet each, may be small in size, but they bring about significant positive changes for the neighborhood. Let’s delve into the story behind Bluff Street Village and its mission to create a transformative living experience.

For years, the organizers of Bluff Street Village pondered over the possibilities for their neighborhood. They sought ways to revitalize the area and foster a sense of pride among residents. In 2020, they embarked on a groundbreaking journey, and the result was the construction of six charming tiny homes just off Bluff Street in Rosedale. Spearheaded by Pastor Larry Clark, the project aims to provide affordable housing and turn individuals into first-time homeowners in approximately seven years, all for around $400 per month.

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Path to Homeownership: How Bluff Street Village Transforms Lives


Image via WTOL11/YouTube

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Here’s a new, beautiful tiny home with tons of natural wood accents. It’s a 20 x 8 THOW with a loft bedroom and comfortable living space. The African Mahogany accents keep the place warm and unique.

You’ll find a 3/4 bathroom at the end of the tiny house, and just beyond it, there’s a dedicated office area for working from home. There’s also a washer/dryer unit and a storage staircase. It’s for sale for $70,000 in Sedro-Woolley, Washington.

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Beautiful Natural Wood Tiny Home w/ Office Space

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Tumbleweed is giving away four tiny house plans for free! If you’re interested in building your own tiny house, looking at tiny house plans, and just learning what it might entail to build a tiny house, these 20-ft. tiny house plans from Tumbleweed could really come in handy someday when you are ready to build!

The plans that are free (normally $759 each) are the Mica 20, Linden 20, Cypress 20, and Elm 20 building plans. I have always wanted to build a Tumbleweed Mica 20 tiny house, so I almost jumped out of my chair and went ahead and registered for the free plans download from Tumbleweed. You can too below, although I’m not exactly sure how long these will be available for free, so please don’t wait! Learn more and get your free plans below!

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Four of Tumbleweed’s 20-ft. Tiny House Plans (Free Downloads)

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Named after an Irish island that Julie (the owner) loves, “Bofin” is designed as a full-time residence meant to travel the country! It prioritizes the living space and kitchen, with a spacious U-shaped couch that has tons of storage underneath.

The galley kitchen has an oven, fridge, and inlaid sink, and there’s a compact bathroom at the end of the THOW. Up some storage stairs, you’ll find the bright, airy loft bedroom. What do you think of Julie’s house?

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Her Full-Time Residence Tiny House

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It’s always amazing how much more spacious the 10-foot-wide tiny homes feel compared to the 8-foot-wide ones, and this “Big Bertha” from Indigo River Tiny Homes is no exception. You especially feel it in the U-shaped kitchen on the far end of the tiny home.

The primary bedroom is a loft with standing room around the bed, and the second loft is split to allow two kids to have their own space. Finally, a couch doubles as a hide-a-bed for any guests. Do you like this layout?

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U-shaped Kitchen and Standing-Room Loft in This THOW

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Nicole and her family lost their 2,000 sq. ft. home in California in a fire. When they found out they were $500K underinsured, they decided to pivot and purchase three tiny homes instead of rebuilding. They get to stay on their land and have adjusted well to tiny living.

Her two older sons use the 250 sq. ft. homes when they are around, and otherwise, the homes are used as a big living room and an office. Enjoy the photo tour and make sure to read our Q&A with Nicole!

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They Rebuilt With Three ESCAPE Tiny Homes

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