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Why have one tiny house when you can have two? This professionally-built combo tiny house was designed to be connected by a deck to create one beautiful indoor-outdoor living space. By keeping it on wheels it can be transported, but by making two tiny homes you can have a lot more room!

One entire tiny home is the kitchen and eating space, and the other includes a loft bedroom, living room, and bedroom. What do you think of this concept?

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Two Tiny Homes Create One Beautiful Living Space

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Today, we’re excited to show off the Indigo Go! model from Indigo River Tiny Homes. It’s their newest model that features a single-floor living arrangement (no loft!), a simple roofline, and it’s available in both 8.5 and 10 feet wide. In fact, you can go to their site and fill out their estimate based on your preferences to determine what this unit would cost you.

It really looks like the perfect set-up for one person (maybe two) who don’t want the struggle of climbing into a loft. Even with everything on one level, there’s plenty of space to include a functional kitchen and full bathroom. What do you think of this layout?

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Meet the Most Economical Indigo River Tiny Homes Model

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Over the years we’ve shown you plenty of examples of people who love living in their truck bed campers. Well, here’s your chance to jump in fairly inexpensively. For $8.7K, you can buy this fully-functional truck bed camper that even has a shower and toilet room all set up.

It’s an 8×10 with a sleeper overhang, and it’s insulated, comes with solar panels, a wood-burning stove, water heater, cooktop, and futon. It weighs about 4000 lbs and is ready to pop onto your pickup. Check out more details below and contact Bob if you’re interested.

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This Truck Bed Camper Has a Shower & Toilet

DIY Truck Bed Camper For Sale

Images via Bob

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A traveling teacher was looking for a home she could tow with her wherever her job required, so she contacted Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses about building a gooseneck THOW out of metal SIPs (structurally insulated panels) that would be easier to tow than a stick-built tiny home.

The result is a fantastic  29-foot THOW, filled with tons of custom details including a downstairs bedroom, loft living area and lots of off-grid capabilities so she wouldn’t *need* to find hookups at campgrounds. Check out the photos and details below!

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Off-Grid THOW by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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Here are seven tiny houses you can buy right now from affordable tiny homes to fresh-built luxury tiny homes. One of the seven tiny houses actually includes acreage!

And another one that’s for sale in Oregon offers tiny house parking as part of the deal. Which one of these tiny deals strikes your fancy most?

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Seven Tiny Houses You Can Buy Now

1. Wild Olive Tiny House

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Jon is a PC-gamer in law school and Christina is finishing up her Master’s degree. After a three-year long-distance relationship, Christina sold her 1200 square foot fixer-upper in North Carolina and moved down to Florida to live with Jon. She’d been a fan of tiny homes for a long time, and it seemed like a great chance for the couple to save money and pay down student loans.

They’re lucky enough to park on Jon’s parent’s land, and they used SIPs (structurally insulated panels) to create the frame and roof of the home. As such, all their walls are magnetic, which is kind of neat!

The home is 32’ long, 8.5’ wide, 13.5’ tall, and has two lofts — a Master loft with stair access, and then a craft/reading loft with a really neat sliding DIY ladder. Tiny Home Tours did a great video tour of the place which can watch below!

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They Built Their THOW with SIPs in about 8 Months

Jon & Christina’s SIP-Built DIY THOW in Florida 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is a sleek and modern 24-foot tiny house on wheels for sale in Wenatchee, Washington. It comes fully-furnished and the seller is asking $59,900 or best offer.

There are two bedroom lofts accessible via ladder stairs, a kitchen complete with a washer/dryer unit and bar seating area, and a living room under one of the lofts. The bathroom has a flush toilet and tiled shower stall.

Enjoy the photo tour below and get in touch with the seller at Tiny House Marketplace.

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Modern 24′ Tiny House with Lime Green Walls!

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Check out this NOAH-certified THOW that’s for sale in Texas! The Lovey home features a loft bedroom with standing room for changing for anyone under 6 ft. 4 and not one, but 1.5 baths, which is definitely a rare feature in any tiny house.

Plus since this tiny home already has a month-to-month parking spot you can rent (unless you’d like to move it) at the Sandy Lake RV Resort in Carrollton, Texas. If you keep it here, you can also enjoy the awesome deck that’s included in the sale. Asking price for the 32’x.8.5’ home is $74,000, and you can contact the seller, Denise, using the form at the bottom of this page.

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This THOW Already Has a Parking Spot!

Lovey Tiny House

Images via Denise

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Meet Mariëlle and Chris and their lovely DIY Tiny House which is parked in a lush green corner of a local Nudist Club in New Zealand that needed some extra income to help pay the bills! While the couple aren’t nudists themselves, it ended up being a perfect place for their 10 x 26 tiny house on wheels.

Because Mariëlle and Chris are from two different countries, they wanted a home that wasn’t tied down. They built this red-clad tiny house out of SIPs (structurally insulated panels) during about 3 months which they took off from work to focus on the home. The total cost for the project was around $27,000 USD (or $45,000 in New Zealand dollars).

Living Big in a Tiny House did a wonderful video tour and interview with the couple, so be sure to watch the whole thing and learn about their epic waste recycle system and bee-keeping!

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DIY Tiny House Built with SIPs at New Zealand Nudist Club

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