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Years after experiencing one of the greatest financial disasters of our time the future of tiny houses keep looking better and better because of the low demand lifestyle that comes with living in a tiny house.

The future of tiny houses keeps getting brighter because more people every day are gaining interest in a simpler lifestyle. And this is because it makes sense financially, environmentally and even spiritually.

Tiny House Talk: The Future of Tiny Houses

Illustration of a Couple Living in a Cute Tiny House Going About Their Daily Tasks

Image © lenm

How Many People Are Into Tiny Houses?

The growth over the recent years has been amazing. I estimate that there are now officially over one million people or more that are seriously interested in tiny house living in the United States alone.

I also estimate that we will reach millions more within the next few short years and tens of millions more within a another decade. So what does this mean for you? What does it mean for us? For society? For our kids?

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Question: Should I be considering RVIA certified tiny houses? 

Answer: Although you can always build a tiny house on wheels without an RVIA certification right now I’m showing you why you should seriously consider saying ‘yes’ to RVIA certified tiny houses.

If you ever want to be able to park and live in your tiny home in an RV park in the future you’ll want to have this certification to make sure you have as many options as possible when it comes to living in your tiny home. Some RV parks and campgrounds will NOT allow your tiny house on wheels on their property if it is not RVIA certified while others will.

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Tiny House Q&A: RVIA Certified Tiny Houses

RVIA Certification and Tiny Houses

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Here is where you’ll find some amazing people and resources to help you on your tiny house journey!

I also created this page as a thank you to everyone who has helped Tiny House Talk get to this point. Some of these people I’ve yet to meet in person, others may not know it but have inspired me but all have had a direct impact on me personally.

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Tiny House People and Bloggers

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My Favorite Tiny House Books

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This is a modern THOW with dual sinks in the bathroom so it’s perfect for couples wanting to live tiny. It’s the 28ft Catalina Tiny House on Wheels by Innovate Tiny

It’s modern with high end finishes throughout and the bathroom features a beautiful dual faucet vanity, the kitchen has really nice appliances, and the staircase to the loft is top notch. See for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments at the bottom. Would you live simply full time in this tiny house with someone else?

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Modern Tiny House on Wheels with Dual Sinks in Bathroom and more…

Modern THOW with dual sinks in the bathroom

Images © Innovate Tiny via YouTube

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This is the Bella Donna Cabin built by Hobbitat Spaces.

This particular cabin sits among the trees at Blue Moon Rising in McHenry, Maryland, and you can rent it out for the night. If you love the quaint feel, get in touch with Hobbitat Spaces who built the home and ask about getting your very own. I really love the big open living area and kitchen with a great island for preparing food and eating with friends and family.

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Bella Donna Tiny Cabin on a Foundation by Hobbitat Spaces in McHenry, Maryland – You Can Vacation Here Too…

Funky Tiny Cabin on a Foundation... The Bella Donna Cabin by Hobbitat Spaces

Images via Blue Moon Rising

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